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  • Awesome, can't wait to get more refills!!! Any news on a new shroom shipper?
  • I wish Medma well in retirement. Thanks for everything over the past year or so! I wish I could have caught the sale. Hopefully you'll find someone to offer shrooms also. They were my go to.
  • These were a lot stronger than expected. I wasn't ready hahaha! I had some visuals but they were way different than B+, golden teachers, and San Pedro's. I had more of an intense body buzz and head rush, so much to the point I was numb. Definite…
    in Burma Booms Comment by Jdtokes August 1
  • Recently upgraded to the pax 3 with budkups. Absolutely love it! I still prefer smoking via ignition, but vaping is a close 2nd
  • I must of missed it on the menu Hopefully next time! Any chance of getting peyote on the list?
  • Hahaha I had one for a freebie and I thought it was really minty. It was a pretty gooey freebie too. It still did the job though! Quite well it did.
  • @akes Awesome! Can't wait to hear back and how they were.
    in Shrooms? Comment by Jdtokes May 6
  • I would recommend the golden teachers. Also, I would agree with Syz, just split an eight with your trip buddy, but I would recommend getting at least a quarter. You may want to go on a trip again =p
    in Shrooms? Comment by Jdtokes May 3
  • @Med Mama Helper hello! I would love to try the mushroom chocolate bars, I missed out on them. I would also like more mushroom options if possible, I liked the mushroom candy too, will that be coming back? I would really like to try some blue …
  • Thanks for the trip report! This last weekend some friends and I took some golden teachers (what I had left) and some south American cubensis. I'll have to try out the San Pedro's next time they're on the menu. I find it so odd that music take…
  • Happy 4-20 everyone!
  • I agree 100%. Their customer service is top notch!
  • @WDEgkj Haha yeah! I wanted to escape from the situation, but that would have been hard to explain lmao. It all worked out though.
    in Trip Report Comment by Jdtokes April 13
  • @Fastguy199 hopefully they'll come in soon! I missed out on those ones. I've been waiting for some others to come on but just reupped on some golden teachers. I've been wanting to try some blue meanie shrooms but I haven't seen them on the site a…
  • @WDEgkj I agree. I've been taking them alone for a bit now and have only had 1 time be uncomfortable. I thought the wife and kids were going to be visiting her moms house but something came up and they came home early. It wasn't a bad time, but i…
    in Trip Report Comment by Jdtokes April 12
  • @MNTDWLER I bet they would be awesome on pizza! I have heavy metal bookmarked for this weekend if we end up not working too late. Usually it takes about a day and a half for the "afterglow" effect to wear off and for me to feel 100% so I might wait …
    in Trip Report Comment by Jdtokes April 7
  • Oh yeah!! One thing I forgot to mention in the initial report was that my eyes were watering a lot. I'm not sure if that's a side effect. I was yawning quite a bit which usually makes your eyes water, but I noticed that it was quite a bit more than …
    in Trip Report Comment by Jdtokes April 6
  • The music videos I ended up watching weren't even in English. They're from a Russian metal folk band called Grai. Interesting to say the least lol
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  • @justaguy Awesome, thanks for the site. I'm checking it out now. @Sixwaychili now I'm going to have to look at a picture of David bowie and see if I see the same thing! That sounds really interesting.
    in Trip Report Comment by Jdtokes April 6
  • @Freebird3815 You're welcome! Actually, I'm just happy to be able to help out!
  • Been on a SOOM T kick lately especially while smoking and enjoying some caps. Nothing like melting on the couch and seeing your music in the airwaves lol.
  • The moonrocks I got in the past also has the perfume taste and smell. I haven't even smoked any of it except for twice, the first time, and the second to confirm the perfume flavor and taste. My smoke buddies won't even smoke it because of the fl…
  • @MNTDWLER thanks for the thin sliced tip! I've been sitting on some for a while now and couldn't get over the bad taste. A flower sandwich with some thin sliced moon rock sounds great! Definitely going to try that.
  • @justaguy Thanks for the link!
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  • @justaguy damn that sucks. I look forward to your next review when you get your computer up and running.
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  • @funkynugz I love your stash! It reminds me of mine. I've decreased in buying over the past few months, but before that, I had over 50 strains at one time. I had to stop and take a break so I could use it all up.
  • @georgetirebiter Ah I see. You were gone for a little bit from the forums last time I was active on here. I had to take a short hiatus from the site so I could slow down on my spending haha. Chaga is freaking awesome, it has many more than just med…
  • I love this post! Thanks guys
  • @rasta0458 how visual were the effects off a 2-3" stem with cap? I want the effects, but don't want it to be out of my control lol, if that makes any sense.
  • Thanks @rasta0458 I just got them in today and plan to try them tonight or tomorrow. Still nervous though LOL. @georgetirebiter Welcome back! It's been a while, hopefully all is well.