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  • @Parasiteve that's interesting. I feel like that's what happens when a place doesn't have enough resources or staffing? I love MM's service but it does suck having your meds be on the whim of the post office. I ran out a week ago and my depression i…
  • @Limonene yeah that was a joke, probably a bad one. I don't think cannabis really cures or prevents anything, just treats symptoms of some things... Mine has been updated that it has "arrived at origin facility" last night and estimated to be del…
  • @medboy good to know. Actually it's been useful for me just for regular mail. I sometimes don't receive the mail I'm supposed to, and now I can track what I'm supposed to get vs. what actually arrives. But the packages part does seem kind of usele…
  • Edibles never do anything for me. They never have. Every now and then I would have one that seemed like it almost did something that almost felt like a little buzz, but that's about it. Most of the time, nothing. If that's been your experience too t…
  • @Limonene and here I thought weed prevents COVID or something? Lol! I hope they're recovering well.
  • I ordered on the 8th, a label was created on the 16th (8 days later!) and still nothing today. Label still says "pre-shipment, awaiting order" so that really sucks but maybe it's wrong. Pretty annoying but I know shit happens...mostly I wish weed wa…
  • AND it only says "pre-shipment, awaiting item"...damn I hope that's not right. It's been a week and a half now.
  • Thanks all. It now says a label was created on Sunday (seems weird...aren't they closed on Sundays?) which is 8 days after I ordered. If that's accurate then I'm a little annoyed, why would there be 8 days between ordering and creating a shipment la…
  • @antfuzz amen to that, they have never let me down yet in six years
  • @funkynugz thanks for the info!
  • I use Cash App and was asked for the first time just now to specify the amount in "sats" that I want to send, rather than in bitcoin. There was an option to specify a dollar amount but no option for just a bitcoin amount like there used to be. I loo…
  • @MikeyC amen to that
  • @Yaqui319 agreed. If the government wants to improve anything, why go after the one thing that is non-partisan and works pretty well already? But for some reason it is a real discussion they're having, so I really am wondering, considering that a pr…
  • Hang in there dude! It will arrive.
    in Late oder Comment by kmoles April 2020
  • @Winston it arrived today! What a wait! But it's true, they always deliver, and if something's wrong they'll make it right. Happy 4/20 my friend.
    in Oder Comment by kmoles April 2020
  • Speaking of miracles, my order from 3/30 arrived today. In four years with this service, this is the longest wait I've ever had by far, but it's true that y'all always deliver. Thank you so much. Stay safe
  • Medman used to be my favorite option because of the choice of strains and the discreet buying. When I moved to a rural area, medman became my only option. It's a godsend!
  • Heard back last night. They said my package was marked as lost and resent. That either means it was accidentally never sent, or there's a package of goods floating around with my name on it Either way, hopefully something's on the way here now an…
    in Oder Comment by kmoles April 2020
  • @Winston I feel like you and I are suffering together since March 30th lol.
  • It's just weird that all my other mail seems to be arriving quickly, yet I'm still waiting on this one package ordered on March 30th. I've had other mail arrive within days, and yet with this order I'm at almost three weeks now. Maybe the issue is…
  • @medboy is email still down? I'd love to get tracking on my package. I'm at 18 days now.
    in Oder Comment by kmoles April 2020
  • Thanks @medboy I've been in touch and heard from you Monday but not since then. I see why now. Thank you
    in Oder Comment by kmoles April 2020
  • @Sixwaychili that's why I'm wondering if everything is okay. They've always been amazingly fast at responding in the past and I've never waited for 3 weeks for a delivery like this. I'm worried.
    in Medboy Comment by kmoles April 2020
  • Not since Monday, and I'm waiting to hear back about a missing order. I hope all is well
    in Medboy Comment by kmoles April 2020
  • @medman are you guys ok? Haven't heard back in a while about a missing order. I hope all is well?
  • @Rella321 I'm on 17 days from Loud
  • @Cjhaze @Winston I'm starting to think ours were never sent for some reason and now it appears they are completely out of stock
  • 16 days for me. I'm a patient person but jeez this is getting annoying.
    in Oder Comment by kmoles April 2020
  • I'm starting to get pretty frustrated. My order was confirmed on March 30th and there's still nothing today. Been in contact and heard almost two days ago about "we'll look into it" but nothing since. What is going on? I've been getting all other ma…
  • @Cjhaze if it's been over two weeks you can contact him using the form on the website. I got in touch with him yesterday and he said he's going to look into my order. I was really hoping it would just show up today though.
    in Order Comment by kmoles April 2020