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  • @MigraineWarrior79 I wonder if it will arrive tomorrow or not lol
  • @MigraineWarrior79 Memphis hub is TERRIBLE. I live very close and it does some crazy stuff 🎲🎲
  • Name is your username used to login, cannot be edited through settings. Maybe medman or boy can help
  • I.D. showed up, will be here Friday. 7 days fine by me!
  • Do not worry friends, sometimes the post office does not scan the label as it travels to your destination. So in retrospect it can go from preship to your mailbox and not update at all. Not saying this is your case, but it has happened many times to…
  • I guess mine is not going to show on I.D., all I received was bills today 🤣. Eagerly awaiting to try them out!
  • Someone who thought it was a really good bulk deal I guess. Obviously too good to be true 🤣
  • @907ak420 sounds like the dumb scammers that want more money for "insurance" ... Happened to me once 🤐. I even got scammed by a FAKE market on darkweb long ago(it looked VERY real however they did it)
  • I lived in San Diego for 6 years. The stuff there was good. I have even grown my own stuff for several years, but quality is hit or miss as well 😭
  • I can get it from the state next to me, but the quality is TERRIBLE and they tax the hell out of it for no reason. I can drive 30 minutes and be at 2 different dispensary. I would rather run out and be in pain or sleeplessness than buy from dispe…
  • @TheProfessor anything I order from anywhere always shows on I.D., wether or not it is accurate is another story 🤐
  • I hope the Cali Goddess and Gelato41 are as potent as the Bubba or more 👀. Your shipping reminds me of when I got mamma in 4 days one time haha
  • I have sleep issues as well, I need some Pure OG haha. I will take your word for it(I read his review)
  • You say for sleep? I am glad I ordered it. I wonder if I will get magical delivery time to TN like you did. You have picture of any of the Katsu? EDIT: used search and found some, the review by mntdwlr or whoever has me concerned though 👌
  • Never ordered from Merlin before.... Indoor Katsu Bubba Kush looks good..... And maybe some discount outdoor Cali Goddess? EDIT: convinced myself 🤘, added Gelato41 to split with the Cali Goddess. Hope the Bubba is tasty!
  • I have also been scammed before in the past. Searching deep around here you will find places to not be scammed, good luck and don't make medboy mad 🙃
  • I have used MANY Delta8 products from around where I live. I like to try stuff you know. Diet Weed is right for sure. I get maybe 5% high compared to normal D9, and it lasts few seconds to few minutes at most. And mind you it is just HEMP with the D…
  • Never tried CBG before. You definitely do not want CBD if you are looking for THC products as CBD provides the benefits minus the high. Have tried Delta8 and Delta10 as well, small high + benefits. Still would definitely rather regular ol' Delta9 TH…
  • I just tried the Klingon I received.... Look for thread with photos later. 👍👍👍
  • Well the Klingon arrived..... But they didn't even seal the ziplock bag it is in, was just... Open, bunch of Klingon hairs all in the mylar bag(Do I complain about that or not haha). Also freebie J of "Permafrost". Look out for Klingon thread with p…
  • @MigraineWarrior79 Out for delivery, will definitely snap pictures. Guess I should watch Star Trek and smoke this!
  • I saw Star Trek strain... Had to grab it. Reminds me of some REALLY good Romulan I had before... And the picture had me curious so I took the plunge
  • Order past Tuesday, ID just went from created to on its way somewhere. From Loud. Label always just sits and then randomly out for delivery or something from Washington. Should be here Thursday, I order a zip of Klingon, hope it's good.
  • I only ever ordered from MedMamma, and 1 time from L&C(it took several weeks from Washington, but from Cali could be 5 days??). Seems like ID out of Washington never moves for me(label made straight to out for delivery week/2week later). Guess I…
  • Now that you say it is Greenhouse, it makes sense. Very tasty.
  • Ordered 2 zips of the discount outdoor, 1 each, 2 were on the menu. For that price point, I was subbed 2 zips of Gelato. Sure I really wanted to try that outdoor, but thanks @medmama for the discount on the Gelato!!! Hate to see you gone, I have onl…
  • The Best bud from my zip of Mars Landing
  • I have made my own Tincture with an ounce of bud. Depending how you do with edibles will tell how you do with Tincture. 1/2 to 1 full dropper could wreck you if you like edibles. I have little reaction to edible so I had relaxing feeling. Others got…
  • I have made my own Tincture from 1+ounce of bud in the past. 1/2 - 1 whole dropper could wreck you depending on how you do with edibles. Mix it in a drink and chug it.
  • The high is strange with this one. Didn't even know I was high, then I was magically tired. Tired feeling took 30 minutes. Must investigate more 🤤