Strain overload...

I don’t know where to start...It’s a good problem to have.


  • The donkey butter and skywalker og babey 😳⛽️⛽️

  • Lol I knew this would happen. Im waiting on an order of a quarter of grape ape and an order of pink grapefruit kush. When they arrive ill see whats let and decide.

  • Same thing here. I broke for a couple strains I shouldn't have week before last. Then sprang for some carts lol.

    Now there's some new strains on there and I want to buy them all....lmao I'm going to have to step away...

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    I'm with you @Shamisha55, ordered a oz each of the Donkey Butter and Skywalker OG. Love outdoor strains! Was tempted by L&Cs current offerings, but glad we held off ordering for a few days!

  • @TheProfessor yes I’m looking forward to it bro sounds like some good bud got an oz of both and wedding cake mixed vanilla frosting

  • Looked hard at the Vanilla Frosting...sounds good, but just never ordered it. Love Wedding Cake, but wanted to try something a little different like Donkey Butter!

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    Bad time for my Coinmama account to get shut down. If you could all please hold off buying the Lavender Haze and Dream Queen, please.

    And please don't tell me to use Cash App. I don't even have the password to my iPhone.

    And please don't tell me to use Coinbase.

    Frankly, I'm all in on growing my own; ironically, it was a $100 seed purchase that got me suspended, not buying $xx,xxx of weed on this site. Interesting.

    Anyone know a good Android emulator?

  • I tried cashapp and didnt like it. Not to scare anyone but I have also heard of them denying service to people using it to transfer BTC out...forget the details but it reminded me of your coinmama situation. They should be happy with their fees and not worry about where you send or spend your money!

  • I got it resolved and some Lavender Haze coming...that's the main thing! Thanks for the support!

  • So good to have you back, George!

  • Thanks @medboy. It's interesting how they made a big deal about making me a "crypto enthusiast," like I'm some big spender, high roller type...recently they made me re-take my photos and stuff to "promote" me to this great, exalted level. With exclamation marks! And smiley emoticons!

    And then, days later, they suspend me for...making frequent purchases.

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    Goodness @georgetirebiter sounds like you’ve had a roller coaster day or so with Coinmama..glad it’s resolved! Had to grab a sampler myself including Lavender Haze..great minds think a like..

  • So many good options, @superman38NC, but I must buy everything Haze and Lavender...put 'em together and, wow, I'd have been very disappointed to miss out. Dream Queen is also my cup of many others. Being a "crypto-enthusiast" I had to try them both, and also pick up some Master Kush from Loud.

  • @georgetirebiter Well it’s safe to say this site wouldn’t be the same without you, glad your issues were resolved. That master kush does look intriguing🤔

  • Thanks @liarliar03, I'm quite sure I would not be the same without this site!

    Today's mail was fruitful, by the way. I have not tried anything (yet) but Loud delivered big with four new strains: Space Queen, Juicy Fruit, Blackberry Kush, and Sour Pink Grapefruit. Love those MAC sample joints, too.

  • @georgetirebiter enjoy your day dude and please give us reviews when you can. I was about to go put an order in for the biodiesel and it is gone. Man that stuff went quick.

  • @Theboyua, I just looked at the menu again. Wow it's changed!

    I'll start with Juicy Fruit because, if it's super good, and if it's still on the menu in a few days, I can order more.

  • @georgetirebiter when did you make the order for the order you got today?

  • @maryjanelover11 My order with new Loud strains was placed right after they came out on the menu.

  • Finally got the best of me. Held out on premiums. Could not let the outdoor go. Dream queen and a diamond add on ordered.

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