Prostate Cancer and RSO

I've been rubbing RSO (Phoenix Tears), homemade and from this site, on my nether regions to lower my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen). It's not cancer, but my number was 1.5 in March, 2019. In March, 2020 it was down to 1.0. What does that mean? I can't pretend to know, at least not for the advancement of science at this moment. The reference range for normal begins at zero and by the time you get to 5.0 it's time for prostate cancer surgery. This kind of reduction, if replicable, would blow the...nether regions??? of typical drug study results.

Rick Simpson had these results, too, of course. That's why he developed the oil.

While what I'm doing is bad science, all science begins that way, informally, with observations. And most of us don't get a chance to document our bad science to the point where it becomes good science. I'm doing it, though! Note that I now use the high-CBD RSO and I make my own RSO out of trimmings, scraps, and joint tinctures from a spectrum of cannabis plants (CBG, CBD, high-THC).


  • I would put it in a suppository and stick it up there. Then while it melts lie down with your butt on a pillow and your legs up the wall. This will help gravity bring it closer to the prostate.

  • Very good advice!

  • @georgetirebiter I don't know what those numbers specifically mean either, but it seems that they're heading in the right direction, down. I will be following your journey if you continue to document it here. It sounds like you're on the right track.

    @medman That's good advice. I read about suppositories in a random article a while back.

  • And post pics. lol jk

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    @Sixwaychili lol! I'm dead ☠️💀⚰️☣️

    I'm most definitely interested in this research. @georgetirebiter Prostate cancer is in my family. I wish they didn't "curse" cannabis for the most part.

  • @medman @medboy I have suffered from severe constipation all my life, would applying RSO down there help it at all?

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    I guess this is what you get when you post about slathering plant resin on your balls...(referencing @Sixwaychili)...

  • @liarliar03 I would consider trying to take it orally. It has shown to be very effective with IBS though not sure about constipation. I would definitely drink tons of water (more than you think you need) and if you haven't already change your diet to more alkaline (think more fruit and greens and less meat, cheese and bread)

  • Fiber, fiber, fiber

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