The P.O. repackaged my package 😲

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Got a package from Loud but not in the usual small brown box. It was in a flat, priority mail bubble wrap envelope you could feel the contents through. It had a local (my local) P.O.stamp and the original Loud shipping label cut and taped to the front of the env. A.letter.of.apology. from the post office accompanied it. "Damaged in shipment...promising to try harder, do better". The silver mylar was torn but the product still vacuum sealed although plainly visible. Didn't have to sign for anything but I'm like wtf. weird.


  • Omg that would make me so nervous 🤣🤣

  • Wtf... That is very weird. The fact that they opened the silver packaging is even weirder.

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    Loud usually sends it in sturdy little brown boxes. It's hard to imagine the box got crushed so significantly as to tear the silver covering inside. Think I'll hibernate for awhile. 🤫

  • While that sounds like God (or worse) is sending you a message, most likely it was a random occurrence.

  • This one has me shook a little. Could you tell if the silver package had been opened by hand or crushed and torn by something?

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    @medman Any input on this one?

  • Pretty strange, however hard to believe they would deliver it if they knew what it was.

  • Hmmm I’m sure if they were concerned they would have siezed it..could be pure CBD for all they know..totally understand laying low though.

  • Besides the mylar, my MM flower has always been bagged, vacuum sealed, then vacuum sealed again. My guess is that they couldn't smell a thing and couldn't discern though two layers of textured vacuum bags what it actually was. Good thing it wasn't delivered by someone in a different uniform!

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    Definitely a freak accident. These things happen.
    Packages get damaged all the time. I’ve had things repacked or broken in transit and sent back to the shipper or trashed by the delivery service . They left a note explaining.

    For example, if you order something liquid, like laundry detergent, and it breaks open and starts leaking out of the box in transit, they cant just repack it and keep on trucking... 😉

    I definitely wouldn’t sweat it.

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    You can see it in my profile pic. Wasn't crushed or yanked open. Just part of the silver "peeled" back. Weird.

  • Omg you can totally see it. Yeah like others said freak accident maybe.
    What if the mail man that found it like that was just a really good person and maybe a toker know, pass it along. Still though the picture looks awful!

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    Def a situation you don't want to encounter. I'd be shit nervous myself if that happened but if the authorities really wanted to bust you, they'd probably have you sign for the package, which you should never do.

    Shippers can't just use the same packages to ship. Got to change it up.

    Your biggest threat would be a nosey post man.

  • Worrying about it isn't gonna do you any good.

    If the cops were coming they would have been there by now

    You got your order. Enjoy it.

  • Time to visit any shipping / packing store and get a new mail box address...

  • @agingboomerfl yeah id probably get a PO box or change my address at that point. never know on the next package they might snitch or keep it for themselves.

  • There are So many reasons you have nothing to be concerned about.

    This could have been repacked before it even left the original post office or anywhere in between.

    It didn’t smell. This is huge! Its very rare that a package like this doesn’t stink to high heaven. If it doesn’t it will likely be ignored.

    The fact that u received it.

    Its legal to send hemp or cbd flow which can smell exactly like thc flower.

    Maybe the person who saw it damaged, just didn’t care what it was...

    I could go on...

  • @JaymeeG Ive had many packages from USPS like that as sometime things get torn during handling and they always reseal it the same way with that same letter. I had a bubble pack with 1000g of kratom (highly non legal in upper midwest) that was repackaged from USPS with an apology letter. The Kratom bag was not damaged but you could tell the original bubble pack was damaged during shipping cause it still had water in it and the letter was totally soaked. USPS does not have the $$ or resources to investigate things and its not worth the cost to get 12s or anything involved. The see a lot of shit trust me but its not in their best interest to hold up things for further review unless they some how discover like massive unusual shit like a torn package they find with like a pound or some shit, in that case most likely they just steal it or hand it over to 12 and 12 don't usually spend $$ to pursue most shit especially if its just thc products so they just dispose of it. Even if 12 does want to pursue anything just claim you had no knowledge and you only get a cheape citation that never hits your record at least here in the upper midwest nonL states.

  • A loophole i found also with p.o. boxes. Request a business po box form. You do have to include your own personal info and 2 forms of ID but you make up a company name for the business po box. I have a few legit LLC i own but when i went to open a po box for one i found out they dont require any infor or documents proving you own the business name you use. so you po box would be under yhe company name you made up and not your. They still have your personal info from setting up the box but even if your box gets investaged its under your bussiness name and you just say you have no knowledge of the sender and they then dispose of it. po boxs under company names are even by far less scrutinzed for suspecsion then a normal personal po box or residential address.

  • Ok soooooo everyone knows this...a huge majority of the posts on here are visible to the public...with an issue like this protect all involved...I highly suggest removing that profile picture of your delivery asap....its incriminating to all on here and all who work within this business..

  • @teragab13 i think he’s fine honestly, no real reason to keep it as a profile pic but I dont see it being very incriminating, this site has been running since 2013 and has had packages seized by the authorities, and here we are! Besides, that picture is very blurry, I don’t think you’d be able to make out what it says, plus the addresses on the packages are randomly generated so they don’t get busted :)

  • Oh yeah and plz keep in mind, in my perspective if ya do get "caught up" your on your own...cuz ya all knew common sense same goes 4 my ass.. I take that risk, but I'm not saying nothing to noone bout nothing...but I'm sure they have certain procedures in place to protect their business.

  • I can understand why it would be a startling discovery! I agree with @medman though. Interceptions are very rare for us but we have seen it a few times. When they know what's in it, they confiscate it and destroy it if you don't respond to their letter to claim it.

  • That would'a freaked my brain for a few hours.
    Tell em they broke some fancy electronics and collect insurance. :-)
    Kidding, of course.
    God loves ya.
    In fact, He made the stuff.
    And for reasons.
    Good reasons.
    He just wants us to be responsible.
    Same with wine.

    What He don't like is big pharma and the poison they peddle.

    They know what weed does, and cures, including cancer.
    They've kept it illegal and stigmatized it with propaganda and movies like reefer madness so they can make billions.
    Trillions by now.
    Come judgement day, they got some splainin to do.

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    My plan is its just cbd flower even if it aint it is. Cbd legal everywhere. I worked in a post office in the service during the antrax days. Boxes get tore up and into.

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