Is it me?

Have any of you guys' recent orders say on USPS Informed Delivery? - Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
Been waiting on this to change it's status for 6 days now.


  • @charlij2328 Who did you order from, which shipper? I've seen a lot of different things said about USPS. Someone before said they had zero updates until the day it arrived. Some don't get any updates but it still arrives.

  • Sure @maryjanelover11 my first order was last Thursday with Loud and I got the USPS Label. My second order was with medmama and that was this monday, but i havent received any shipping label for it.

  • ID is unreliable. 50% at best. Sometimes is works perfectly, sometimes it works partly, and sometimes it just doesn't. I don't put much stock or worry into ID anymore. We had a label created Wednesday, but no updates since. My experience tells me that we will get a package tomorrow or Monday.

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    OK @TheProfessor , just want to make sure that I'll be ok because my first order was last Thursday but i havent received it yet. I live in the east coast.

  • If you've gotten even THAT much you're doin' better than I. Lol Haven't heard a peep from ID my last six packages.

  • @charlij2328, Ohio here. I understand the worry, but have faith, MM always delivers and always makes it right! I've been here a couple of years...I'm sure lbs. of flower, dozen of grams of concentrates and vapes, and probably $XX,XXX and not one missing order or mistake. This is THC nirvana!

  • ^^^
    What he said. 👍

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    Ok guys, ive gotta say this is a great community to bounce questions off of. Thanks guys
    . @TheProfessor im in NY

  • Yes I agree this community and site are wonderful. I'm always checking to see what's new in the forum.

  • Commin from Va

  • @charlij2328 But bro if you live in NY that means weed is legal. Why wait when you could just walk to the dispensary to grab? I know MM has some of the best quality bud out there but to be fully honest if my state wasn't so anti-weed id probably just grab from a dispensary but here weed is not even legal for medicinal use. Btw i find it interesting that for you medmama was the slower one. I guess it just depends on the address.

  • this forum is awesome without it id be all alone

  • @maryjanelover11 glad you're with us 👍
    I'm not into social media but I like this community

  • @MizterNiceGuy i have some social media but id be lying if i said I liked it better than coming onto here. I feel like im more like minded with the people on this forum, i mean after all we do all puff trees lol.

  • I think it’s funny how people think ordering weed online is so scary and sketchy, and in reality it’s just a bunch of baked friendly ass people on a forum.

  • I haven’t had one created the past 2-3 months. I’ll see other things I order online show up or when my family or friends send me packages but nothing from here in a little while

  • @realshmoke420, I'm not entirely sure this is reality...

  • Hey @maryjanelover11 medical is legal not recreational, but they are not open in my area... :(

  • @charlij2328 oh i thought NYC had legalized for recreational use

  • Informed delivery has been doing this a lot lately. :/

  • I ordered about 8 days ago and no ID update or label yet :(. But from what I’ve heard it’s hit or miss but always arrives.

  • @maryjanelover11 it seems pretty mainstream there even though it’s not recreational, every time I’ve went I saw people smoking on the streets like they would with cigarettes

  • @liarliar03 yeah its heavily a point where the cops dont care, even seen folks smoke right in front of them..

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