Vanilla frosting skywalker og donkey butter ⛽️😳

Top shelf everything fresh big beautiful buds the donkey butter is really premium looking I love the smell haven’t smoked it yet but I can tell it’s gonna be amazing the skywalker og is so f*****g good if u didn’t get any u missed out I’m so relaxed it tastes amazing the buds where almost rainbow colored with the pics I took I phone 11 pro max man this is the best I’ve had no bs on to the vanilla frosting it is wonderful taste so good gas hit but vanilla finish so smooth man and also guys I got subbed orange citrus kush and not a fan it’s top shelf but I hate oranges I’m from the south more of a watermelon type of person ehhh idk it gets u high but the og skywalker is better in my opinion ☺️ If I misspelled anything forgive me for I am fried ima new customer 2nd order and I promise u guys I’m not buying street bud again over and out from the south 🤣😂😂


  • Now that is one stoned stream of consciousness! :lol:

  • Skywalker og is next level think I’ve found a favorite

  • 🥴😂😂😂

  • Hah. Sounds really good 😁

  • Highly(punny) understandable, by the sounds of their review, @Sixwaychili haha. I've caught myself before posting some "overly-stoned" reviews, luckily. I'm honestly VERY bummed I missed out on Donkey Butter & SW-OG. Been wanting to try SW for quite some time, but the time will come I suppose.

  • Skywalker was a staple in California for a long while when it came on the scene. The Force is strong with this one.

  • @MizterNiceGuy What strain is that in your profile there?

  • Yes it is phenomenal experience guys I’ve never had bud this good like seriously not even joking

  • @PieMan Watermelon Kush.

  • @Shamisha55 the Skywalker OG is indeed superb. Supreme outdoor herb! I had one bud weigh in at 3.7g which I'm gifting to a friend!

  • You got mail on a sunday lol nice

  • I actually received on memorial day this year of all things. But for the most part including last week and this week currently the Mail gods hate me. If they even have possession of it yet. Who knows?

  • Donkey butt is nice too guys it’s smells like glue @TheProfessor

  • Very nice bud glad I got a 29 grams of each donkey but weighed a lil off like 26 but hey it’s top notch great high and very nice looking buds like frosty u can see the purple hairs smells like glue taste is not bad either man this bud is growing on me 😳🦍 i can tell that gorilla glue is apart of the family my friend even said it smells like glue it’s crazy 😜

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