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Curious how long some of y’all have ordered thru Medicineman. Any issues or problems related to receiving via mail etc?


  • @JRinbama welcome! We've been customers going on 3 years. Dozens and dozens of orders and not one hiccup. Never had a package take more than a week, never received bad product, and have always received what I ordered. Medicineman is amazing!

  • I’ve been a customer since 2014. Never any issues. @Medicineman always delivers. I’ve had product shipped to friends, and they were blown away also. You can’t go wrong.

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    Close to five years. They had a slightly different name back then. Have probably done 75 transactions. Have always gotten my purchases.

  • Just wondering if any of these new people are cops Sims to be alot of interest in the site .

  • If ur not welcome to the site .

  • If u are get off the site cause nobody will ever give any personal information to anyone.

  • Hey Tac, I’m retired and have had Shit load of knee surgeries. I’m tired of taking pain meds. Looking for herbal relief for pain.

  • @JRinbama, welcome to the forum. Relief is here.

    @Tac, brings up law enforcement...when I first found this site, it seemed absurd that it could exist in the open. But think about it--the risk is not to you. The operators of this site shoulder the risk. Tip your postal carrier!

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    I wouldn't say there is absolutely "no risk" on our part as purchasers...

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    Who is tac he just joined in march his posts are suspect at best and truthfully we all know the risk to even bring it up makes me think this dude may be suspect.

  • @Good2Go, Misleading statement, perhaps, but it's not wrong; If you don't sign for your package, you are at (essentially) "no risk," legally.

    PSA: Don't sign for packages if you think there might be something illegal in there. The postal inspector is your enemy--it's just if you keep your head down and aren't ordering huge quantities, the system is not set up to bust us for an ounce of weed.

  • Joe friday, just the facts.

  • TacTac
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    I have done business with this site since 2013 . The reason I use tac as in tactical is because I was a tactical medic for 29 yrs till I developed bad PTSD. And was handed alot of pills at first . Then in 2013 I found mm site . And winged off the RX medicine and this site actually saved my life from becoming a pill head . I only use natural medicine now thanks to all the people that runs medicine man. It's in my nature to be a little paranoid ever now and then I apologise.

  • @JRinbama i made my first purchase the other day. They don’t understand what it’s like in Bama. U can’t get shit like this site offers but on very few occasions. I ordered Sunday night and was hoping I could get mine by tomorrow but we will see and the cops should have more things to worry about right now than some1 fukn with a lil bud

  • Tac, it’s all good brother. Having read what I read, I’m still little nervous, hahaha. Going to Durango soon. Will sample a few herbs while I’m there.

  • @georgetirebiter

    Well if you refuse to accept a package that you know is from Medman then you "risked" the money you spent......

  • Buying from Med for over 6 years, Med always delivers.

  • @Good2Go, as you like.

    I have not heard of this happening for domestic cannabis sales. If it did I would absolutely refuse to sign and close the door. I practice that script in my head.

    If you are not ok kissing an order goodbye, then I wholeheartedly agree that this includes some element of risk. It's infinitesimal, though.

  • @tac welcome. You’ll be pleased ☺️

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    I mean if they come to your door to ask for a signature, you know it's not just a standard package being delivered. Medman never requires a sig so it's almost obviously the police. You cannot possibly get in trouble unless you sign something because anyone could send you cannabis without your knowledge.

    I find it about 99.9% likely that it would never happen.

  • @JRinbama . If you are taken opioids you need to wing off very slowly . And the medicine from this site will help . I no how hard it is to get off opioids. something that's good for a short time is benaprofine it stops withdrawal and is taken under your tongue . Am on a very low does still it can become very attictive to. Am in the process of winging from benaprofine at this time . Sims that sativa's Dom hybrid's are the best for me right now because of energy. what ever you try talk to your Dr and let him no you don't won't to take the pain meds . And if he can't give you a RX for benaprofine he can refer you to a Dr that has the specialist training to right the RX . I promise you will be a different person with out those pills . Also the benaprofine helps with pain just as well . And the effects of the natural meds from this site will be more intense and Sim alot stronger after stopping are decreaseing the meds. Best of luck ur not alone and God bless.

  • Thanks Tac. Been off the opiates for a while. Doing ok.

  • Good to hear . I definitely know for sure the meds from mm deff- help very much it took me lossing everything my wife my house took all I had . And am clean now except 2 mg of benaprofine. I went out on dissapilaty due to the overwhelmeing effect of ptsd and the opioids. Now I stick with what I no works and that is God and medicine man . For now my state is not legel for cannabis will be soon tho .

  • I take two teaspoons of Kratom, one in the morning, one before bed. I could take it or leave it though. The Kratom plant didn't get hip to the evolutionary arms race. Lots of strains but they all taste the same. (Shitty!)

  • I have heard kratom is great for getting off opiates. Its no wonder everywhere it is being banned left and right.

  • And yet here in Ohio, in my town, there are two brick and mortar kratom stores.

    The effort to ban kratom here was unsuccessful. Of course, it can't be stopped, any more than cannabis. Why? It works.

  • Yes same here in my town. I know there are some states though that banned it. Alabama I think is one? Australia has as well and there is an ongoing effort in Indonesia where I think a lot is grown or found indigenous.

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