Got mmj card (depression, anxiety, PTSD), but no dispensaries till January. Can't wait. No weed since 70's, but a lot then--so much has changed, I go to order page and am lost, even though I've been researching net and books. Can people help?

Have about $100 to spend tops, (although lower is good) this first time around--don't want smoke in lungs or edible. Vape, tincture, extract? Looking for euphoria, joy, head feelings, energy, giggles -- no couch lock, and as little munchies as pos. Can anyone recommend a method, equipment needed, and strain for me, all within my budget?

Once I get back into it with one order, I'll have a "baseline" and be able to go in different directions, finding info like what's good for day, for sleep, for microdosing throughout day -- various uses. But first I need to have someplace to put my feet, to begin the journey.

Thanks to everybody. I'll check back tomorrow (sent msg to contact pg, too, but don't know if they're able to recommend or not, so thought I'd do both!)

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    IMHO $100 doesn’t get you very far nowadays. If you’re going to microdose I would suggest a vape cartridge and battery. But you won’t have enough $$ to do that. With that said today’s THC % concentrations are immense compared to the old days. You might find the vapes too strong your first time back. I’d pick up an eighth of flower and go from there. Learning how to use bitcoin is your first step though 👍

  • Thanks! Very helpful. emld MMOnline,too, and between the two of you -- looks like vape cartridge and battery is way to go. (You both agreed).

    Was under the impression they worked just with extracts -- now I see that I can use flower, and MMO has that first timers special for a gram, I'll start really small with the pen, the gram, and trying to pick a strain with the right amt of THC to get my feet wet and go from there.

    Every new thing I find out presents another question/problem. Now I see you're supposed to grind it before you vape it, so I'm back on the site to see if I can find a grinder.

    Thanks again....This feeling like a newbie, with my history, is totally odd, but there ya go. The days we dreamed of back then have arrived.

    Serious thanks. Jen

  • P.S. Yeah, I've been reading up on Bitcoin. First site I registered with, I get a Malwarebytes msg "contains a Trojan." So I guess I'll look elsewhere and get that done.

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    I use bitquick. Never had a problem in two years. But it necessitates visiting a bank branch to make a cash deposit. You then send a copy of the deposit receipt back to bitquick who'll send the bitcoins right to MM. Easy but does make for a quick trip to the bank. You won't need a bitcoin wallet. Just give them the bitcoin wallet address MM sends you. And if you don't want the "couchlock" you might want to stick with sativa rather than indica based weed.

  • FYI our vape pens will NOT work with flower! Only with vape cartridges!

  • Thanks, everybody !

  • IMO, I would go with Phoenix tears or the vape refills (THC distillate). Both are edible and you can microdose. Or the tinctures.

  • Careful with that RSO though, I dosed a pea sized glob out of curiosity and wound up getting way too stoned for comfort. I smoke flower and oil throughout the day. Wasn’t fun, I was pretty miserable (CBD vape helped). For its intended use, the RSO can’t be beat - Less than a rice grain size glob is truly the way to start out though.

  • We would all do well to heed funkynugz's advice.

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