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Why might a breeder cross a strong-smelling parent with a weak-smelling one when making a new variety?

(I wrote that item yesterday for a science test to go with a textbook I'm an author on.)

My example in the item (there's more to the item) was oregano. Ha ha ha...

As I developed this example, I was thinking specifically of the ruderalis gene that was used for developing autoflower seeds.

Decode your answer in the space below!


  • I don't know much about breeding different varieties of cannabis, but from a little bit of research I did, it seems that breeders cross strains in order to refine and strengthen specific traits from the parent plants. Traits commonly targeted are, aroma, size, yield, terpene profiles, and thc/cbd strength or potency. Also, sativas and indicas can be combined to produce a hybrid which it's can be more suited for indoor. Especially when it comes to ruderalis which isnoften combined with a sativa strain to increase thc levels. The same can be done with an indica and ruderalis to create a more cbd leaning strain.

    The only thing I can think that makes sense is a strong smelling and a weak smelling cross would be low odor, smaller stature, and more potent hybrid.

    That's my best guess for now, I'm most likely way off.

  • @georgetirebiter Awesome! Thanks haha. I thought there was more to it though.

    This is an area of interest for me but I haven't grown anything for 20+ years. My friends and I would save seeds we got from schwag or brick since that was about the best around town then. I would germinate them in a damp paper towel until they sprouted and then planted them in a fish tank set up for hydroponics. The plants were doing great but they ended up getting stolen so we weren't able to harvest and cure them to see how they would have turned out.

    I did luck out once and found a seed in a bag of northern lights that we grew in a under the stairs closet. We were able to harvest and cure them this time but the yield was pretty low. We probably had 10 pinner joints between us. The bud was strong though but I still wondered why the yield was low unless he stashed some from me (he was starting to get involved heavily into meth and had some shady ass people over - after he started stealing shit, I stopped hanging out over there after that. It probably wasn't a yield issue but a theft issue thinking back on it now).

    I've been eyeing some seeds online but don't know where to get them. Seedsman has some really good deals and some nice autoflowering short stature strains listed.

    I want to grow so bad right now but don't want to risk it. If I had a good cubby hole or lived in the country I'd be all over it lol.

  • I have been debating on getting seeds as well. I used seedsman the last couple times but i ❤ growing marijuana may be my next choice. I think @georgetirebiter recommended them on here right? I have seen them come up countless times on searches but for some reason couldnt get over the name and thought they were sketch. Their site doesnt have a bunch of breeders but it looks like they ship from within the US and I think they do a BTC discount as well.

  • I'm paranoid of the smell, living in a townhouse.

  • Thank you Gregor Mendel and your little pea plants that gave us the Mendelian Laws of Inheritance . 30

  • Actually @Jdtokes . Rudderalis is a north russian plant. Thc levels are LOW in a pure rudderalis. The early autoflowers suffered from lack of potency due to this. It took a few years to get rudderalis/indica or sativa to jave good levels. Have not grown them in a decade.

  • @SpongePail yeah they can survive harsh colder environments and have natural resistance to pests and disease. Which is another quality breeders look for.

    For a school project I had to research bonsai trees. Ever since then, I wanted to grow an mj plant but in a bonsai form.

    Here's a pic from royal queen seed bank for an example. I wish my state would get their head out of their asses and legalize it so I can grow haha.

  • OK, so this is my favorite pic that I saw last week, now that cannabis bonsai has been mentioned!

  • Imagine getting that stem on the bottom. lol

  • @SpongePail, it was the ruderalis gene that inspired the question, actually. Bonus points.

  • @Sixwaychili Yes! That's almost exactly what I had in mind. That's a really good pic of it.

    @georgetirebiter I enjoyed reasearching the ruderalis plant. So I thank you for the quiz, if you didn't ask it, I probably wouldn't have researched it all that much until a later time. The small stature of the plant and resilience is interesting. Actually, even more interesting is that it flowers in 21 to 30 days from seed and doesn't use a light schedule.

  • Cool! Thanks for playing!

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