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Hello to all of the MM community. I would like to start a discussion about the best strains for mental health like depression, anxiety, PTSD. I have PTSD and anxiety and started using the Earth’s medicine years ago and was able to quit taking benzos thank God. Oh and also thanks Medicine Man family OF COURSE.

What are some of your favorite strains to treat social anxiety, anxiety, PTSD, etc? Are there any strains you avoid that cause you anxiety?

For myself, Skywalker OG has always been a favorite. I also like Cherry Pie, Gelato, Barry White, Green Crack, Sour Diesel.

For sativas most of them cause me anxiety. Green crack is an exception and so is sour diesel. Both are great personally. I do my best using HYBRID strains. Also, I have lung disease so I need more flower to get the same effect so I try to stick to extracts. Edibles make me too lazy for normal day use.

I just tried Sweet Island Skunk and it is pretty good for a sativa as well!

All comments are welcome!


  • I’ve dealt with anxiety and panic attacks since I had an unexpected panic attack 7 years ago. Cannabis has been a Godsend as I’ve been able to limit my benzo use to emergency situations.

    I tend to stick with indicas or Indica leaning hybrids. I have found a few Sativa leaning hybrids I enjoy, like Orange Creamsicle, but I carefully research before ordering anything. Some of my favorite afternoon smokes are Gelato, Donkey Butter, Jager, and Blueberry Muffins. Grape Ape, Purple Urkle, and White Cookies are a little heavier and make great evening smokes. The Skywalker OG, Pure OG, and 5th Element I generally save for bedtime as they leave me pretty well sedated. All great medicine, but I’m always looking for new strains that meet my medical needs.

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    I suffer from anxiety and panic also. I just started smoking bud again. I have been looking for that perfect bud but haven’t really found it yet. The gelato is pretty good with no anxiety so far. For me moderation is the key. I would love to hear more strains that might help

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    I recommend stuff like Wedding Cake and Gelato. All the cookie and cake strains (and Sundae Driver, I think falls in there. I don't think anybody who likes cannabis dislikes these strains. (They win awards, too.)

  • It is great to hear other stories of people using cannabis to get off things like benzos and pain pills. I truly hope the government takes it off the schedule I narcotic list soon. Maybe the next president? Not sure. It is insane that cocaine is a schedule II but marijuana schedule I and I work in the pharmaceutical industry.

    I tried Wedding Cake but wasn’t a huge fan. I only tried the vape though not flower so that might be part of the reason. I LOVE Sundae Driver! I just tried that from MedMama a while back and I think it is one of my favorite strains for daily use. I am about to place another order I think she has some Sundae Driver wax available.

  • Marijuana cures asthma. 😁

  • @Kris10 Loud Premium Sundae Driver just popped up on the list sometime this evening while I was asleep

  • The bud sample pack sure works great in situations like these. I just got four strains from MedMama. Skywalker, OG, Citron, and Lemon. Exactly the ones I requested. Because responses are so individualized, you can identify the strain that works. I believe these strains (motly greenhouse) will be around longer than usual. You might do a test run before pulling the trigger.

  • @MizterNiceGuy , unfortunately I already have asthma. I was prescribed benzos to deal with my anxiety and got hooked on them. In 2017 (before I ever smoked) I was exposed to tuberculosis and had extensive lung testing and images and it showed lesions on my lungs. That day I said F it, if I don’t smoke and have lesions and got TB, I’m done living a life hooked on benzos. Ever since then I have been much happier and healthier. I hate that it is a catch 22 for me and this is what I have to do, but honestly I’d rather deal with breathing issues than anxiety and benzo use. I do appreciate your concern and if you have any advice on ingesting cannabis please let me know. I have not had success with edibles and I feel like I don’t have many other options. :(

    @georgetirebiter , I just ordered a sample pack of Lavender and Skywalker! I have never gotten buds from MM so I am very excited to try! I will post pics and reviews hopefully in about a week

  • @OneLove I saw that pop up after I placed my order. I’m so tempted to place another order

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    @Kris10 you share two things with me. 1) Benzo addiction 2) Scarred lungs. Mine from asbestosis, most likely from when I worked at a federal Job Corps facility, formerly a Japanese internment camp. The government spared no expense.

    CBD cannabis makes my lungs feel better not worse.

    I don't get that effect from high-THC cannabis but it's not a hindrance, either.

    I quit smoking cigarettes in 2006.

    You know I was thinking about this, our lungs and cannabis, and wondered how much of what we think about smoke and smoking came from the insane experiment conducted on us by the tobacco industry. Cigarettes are not tobacco. They are a chemistry experiment. We cannot generalize effects of smoking between cigs and cannabis any more than we can between inhaling burnt plastics.

    And to clarify, that stuff in a Phillip Morris cigarette is paper. With extracts on it. I cannot tell you how surprised I was to learn that. I knew it was manipulated somehow...but how did I expect that to work, right?

  • @Kris10 it ran out quick, but I grabbed some Chemdawg this morning too and I hear it's great for anxiety.

  • I find that dry vaping flower is great for my asthma and makes my lungs feel better. You can also vape mullein (herb) and it works even better.

  • Mullein, eh? That's a new one for me.

  • Yep, mullein is excellent. You'll find it in all of the natural herbal remedies to help with breathing. I bought 4 ounces from Mountain Rose Herbs which will last me about forever.

  • @georgetirebiter , thankfully I was never a cigarette smoker. It is insane how that industry operates and is allowed to do whatever they want it seems. Thank you for your information. I will try a high CBD strain next time. I look forward to it and very much appreciate this advice

  • Indica only. I have all the same issues as the OP. Im also very sensitive to caffeine or any stimulants. I always go for the purest indica i can get. indicas have been a lifesaver!

  • Joha, same here with caffeine. I don’t drink coffee and if I do drink any caffeine it is one drink max per day. I hate the feeling. I just got some Skywalker OG yesterday and it is great!

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