Loud dropped premium Chemdawg

And the photo looks awesome to me! Shot my loud wad yesterday unfortunately...


  • I ordered again after just ordering a half of Sundae Driver. This site has been both a blessing and a curse. I can't stop buying shit 🤣

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    Medman Said they were going to drop several more by the end of the week so I’m holding out till then.

  • @OneLove it is Premium Chemdawg...

  • That's EXACTLY how I rationalized it @georgetirebiter lol.

  • @georgetirebiter Premium Chemdawg caused some excessive saliva.. I'm currently enjoying Greenhouse Chemdawg which is top-notch.

  • @MizterNiceGuy that's interesting. Was that premium Chemdawg from Loud? I don't remember it. I remember one that was indoor from Loud, about two months ago, and it disappeared really quickly.

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    @georgetirebiter yes Loud had indoor Chemdawg awhile back. Missed out. This Premium version looks "beefy" compared.

    Can't remember which shipper had Premium Chemdawg last...

  • And it's gone.

  • I ordered at 5 AM this morning! I wrote “no subs”, so we will see!

  • I finally remembered to write it as well @Theboyua.

  • I didn't want to take a chance with no other premiums on the list 🤣. Though honestly out of my orders so far, my best one was indoor.

  • @OneLove @Theboyua if you write no subs what do they do? Put the bitcoin back into your wallet? I’m new to the whole online currency thing

  • @Medmike25 I'm fairly new and thankfully have gotten exactly what I ordered every time so far, so I'm not sure exactly what happens, but I did see mentioned on another post that they shipper will contact you to determine your options. I'm guessing refund back to wallet or options of other strains. I know the other strain option defeats the whole purpose of "no subs" but a new strain may pop up that peeks my interest sometimes right after I order lol.

  • Been here seven years, never got note from a shipper.ever.

  • Don't you basically get a credit that you can use to reorder? That's what I always thought, though it has never happened to me.

  • So I missed a premium this morning? I’m clearly a collector and want them all! Ha!

  • @PettKatt your real late, they dropped the chemdawg Monday afternoon. Loud & co strains have been selling out quick lately

  • I blame @georgetirebiter . In a good way if you're lucky enough to get the strains.

  • I still have some of the chemdawg from lound last time it was on menue. Mine is sativa dominate. It has no cealing and the high from this order has a strong sativa heart pounding effect. a little gos a long way . Smell wasn't that strong when I first rec'd it . After about 2 weeks in jar it smells just like sour d .

  • Those batches sold out so fast!

  • @MikeyC, I'd like to take credit for these things but I like placing lots of small orders...the new 1/8ths and bud samplers should, in theory, be perfect for me.

  • @medboy that's DEMAND and supply

  • I love the 1/8ths and 4 gram sampler because it let's someone like me with a family and small kids (and a vape) enjoy an hour of time with my wife when I'm not a full time babysitter, father, husband and professional. I'm basically not allowed to have more than a zip of flower at a time either so the add on gram is also awesome when we need to restock edibles or Cartridges etc.

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