Estimated Shipping time to NC

I know with Covid and the protests mail could be affected and shipments can take a while. I know MM is doing there best to get everyone there stuff on time. Just wanted to reach out before I placed my order to see if anyone could give me a ballpark number days of how long it could take to reach me here in NC.



  • I'm not terribly far from you that our shipping times should be around the same, but I'll tell you...I haven't bought from here for long, but I've def made a lot of orders in that short amount of time lol. I've had packages take no less than 3, but sometimes a week, and once it was 2 and a half weeks (due to a hiccup). Little all over the place right now.

  • Quite possible I live close to NC..@OneLove is’s all over the place..5-7 business days seems to be my avg...couple packages took around 2 weeks. Prior to COVID it was 3-5 days both shippers.

  • Im a couple states north of you but also border the atlantic and it takes anywhere from 4-8 days for me

  • Avg 4 days med mama, 6 from loud. In Va

  • Jeez @superman38NC I just assumed you lived in NC for some reason. :smile:

    I'm in NC and it normally takes 5-12 days.

  • We really should take @medman advice and not share a single detail even our state. None of you noticed mr @BonsBash98 Just created his account on the 17th of june? Thats real recent. Probably a cop.


  • @medboy @medman I really like commenting on here and conversing with everyone but as of late I have been less than keen on it. It sketches me out that anyone can just come read our conversations. There are cops/feds that roam this forum without a doubt. Weed is still a schedule one drug federally and im sure they want to catch people. Is there anyway to make this forum private for people who have been vetted? I'm not complaining I love the forum and the members here and I will remain regardless but I would feel alot better if this forum was private. Just a suggestion :)

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    I believe we all are hoping and 🙏 that the feds are busy with bigger fish..legalization is inevitable and if anything there are several real benefiting patients on here receiving alternative medicine for help. We should have a choice as Americans citizens what we put in our body’s. I would be ok with making it private. Not to concerned otherwise.

  • I’m so sorry I’m not a cop. I just needed some advice about logistics and everything just a concerned buyer lol. Just trying to ask some questions while sticking to the guidelines.

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    Don't worry about it. Some ppl here are just paranoid. In my limited orders, they usually take 7 - 10 days from time of order to get to my mailbox. Hope that helps.

  • 4 to 5 days took 7 days once because of a holiday always ordered from medmama

  • O yeah BUISNESS DAYS!!!

  • @maryjanelover11 That's exactly why I was very vague lol. I was once new on here too, so Idk who is a cop or who isn't but I'm def careful

  • @BonsBash98 NC is even more strict on weed than my state which I didn't think was possible. Even worse off is SC. It's not even decriminalized there. btw here is an article from 7 months ago talking about how the USPS delivers contraband. They know, and they are trying to bring a stop to it....... Thats why im worried. Where in NC are you if you don't mind me asking. I have a cousin who lives in Northern NC and when I go visit him he wont even talk about weed so im guessing it still has a bad image in those parts?
    @superman38NC I agree that as Americans you should have the right to do anything you want as long as it does not harm or infringe on others. I can see a federal legalization but in 2-3 years if I had to guess, for now it remains highly illegal on a federal level. Take a look at the article if you want. Yes I realize its from a conservative page but its worth reading from a legal point of view. Obviously i don't agree that weed should even be considered contraband.

  • Duck 12

  • Anyone else still waiting on a loud order to ship. I ordered last saturday... label made 3 days ago. Still not shipped. Anyone else waiting on loud orders?

  • 4 days min, 10 days max ime ymmv

  • Come at me cops. Now you know that I'm in NC. That narrows it down.

  • Alot of people on here from good ole NC . Not going to say where am at . I do love the blue ridge mantains tho .

  • Lmfao how many of yall in NC ?

  • @maryjanelover11. We have debated this. The thing is that it's hard to "vet". Anyone determined enough could just place a few small orders and suddenly they're "ok". We are very clear that no one should post personal information (obviously). And we're also quite convinced that no fed is going to try to chase down someone buying a bag of weed no matter where they live. If anything they're going after us and if they want to spend their time wisely they're actually going after online sites that sell pharmies, meth, heroin etc of which there are many. For increased personal security I recommend using a VPN on your computer which you can get for like $40 a year and masks your ip address from both us as well as your internet service provider.

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    NC is not that strict on cannabis. They decriminalized it before a lot of other states did even. Up to a half ounce is a class 3 misdemeanor that has a max fine of $200 and that's it. Not that I think they will legalize it anytime soon. We probably won't even get medical until it's federally legal which should happen eventually.

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    @maryjanelover11. I'd further add that in the almost eight years we've been doing this we're unaware of anyone who has gotten into trouble using our service (well we did once get a letter from an irate mom of a teenager! hehe)

  • @medman I appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me. I love being on here so im staying either way so I guess I will just have to be vague lol. The fact that a mom sent you an angry letter is hilarious I wonder if she forced the kid to tell her where he got the weed LOL!

  • @maryjanelover11 That post up there sounds pretty paranoid! I was like that a few months ago because my friend had some bud that was making me paranoid as hell. We would go by his place, smoke some, and I was wanting to go home within 5 minutes. He didn't know what the strain was because he doesn't really care to know lol. Anyway, it was bad. I didn't even want to smoke it anymore because it was messing my head up pretty bad. It was not good. It was pretty extreme for a couple weeks, it was really strange too bc I never used to feel that way from smoking. I literally felt like I was going insane and thinking up a bunch of bs and believing in my own mind that it was true when it wasn't lol. I was my own worst enemy.

    I found this site then and started looking over the strains and which ones had the potential to cause paranoia or anxiety and then stayed away from them or at least the higher percentage ones. I've been good with everything I've gotten here and don't worry as much about strains as before. Don't get me wrong though, I still get paranoid now and then, but not like it was for those couple of weeks.

    I always run a VPN. If you're looking for one, there's NORD VPN and Proton VPN. You could also use a TOR browser which also has masking capabilities.

    I don't worry about people on the forum, for all I know one of you could be a closet pot smoking fed who can't go to their neighborhood provider and buys from here to be discrete. Plus why would they when they can get top of the chart bud from here almost completely anonimously? Lol. If you think about it, this site is prefect for people who don't want anyone else to know they smoke or where they get their bud.

  • @Jdtokes @maryjanelover11 It's not paranoia if they're actually out to get you. The drug war is still a thing, even if, as @medman points out, that our customers are very low on the list of enforcement priorities.

  • @medboy Exactly. For all all I know they could be thinking its heavier drugs. I can tell they are curious about what's inside. Think about it every week or so I get at least a package or 2 that are basically so light they appear to be empty. The address is always from cali or washington. I have the same 2 mail ladies. They definitely noticed since I started grabbing a lot recently. Who knows what exactly they are thinking but they definitely have taken notice. I know this. One of the mail ladies is always on the phone when she delivers the mail. Last time I had my window open when she delivered it and I heard her say "again? This house gets a lot of these small boxes". She said that without a doubt. 100%. I even have a camera that captures audio very clearly and I played it back like 20 times 100% that's what she said. So she noticed. That was like 2 orders ago. I'm pretty sure the 2 postal workers know each other too so they probably talk. Either way I'm not too concerned. My main concern was that she jacked it herself lol. I thought she could be thinking there is money inside based on how light the packages always are or drugs.

  • btw I should add after she said that she paused and then laughed in a strange way so I'm not sure what the person on the other line said to her to get that reaction but she laughed out loud, no pun intended. I wonder if it was the other post lady who was on the phone with her but I can never be sure lol. Sherlock Holmes is on the case!

  • Lol it’s just a lot of packages period. More people home ordering stuff. This is a funny story but I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. They can’t open your mail unless they smell it. So far mm mb have been making sure no smell is top priority. Plus you’ll be surprised how many people get real pill bottles in the mail daily...those are drugs too. Just not as effective as our meds...hehe

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