Med mama Vape refills

I’ve never attempted to refill a vape cart. Can I just put it straight into the cartridge or does it have to be mixed with something? What is best refillable cart and how many times can I refill a cartridge? Thanks in advance.


  • To add on, can you refill any used cartridge or do they have to be special refillable cartridges?

  • Refills come in a syringe so youd have to buy refillable blank cartridges that you squeeze the oil into. Id recommend watching some videos on it first

  • I have used the refills and love them. Here is what I do

    1) Use an old cartridge and unscrew cap from top

    2) I then use a q tip and dip it in alcohol and clean the top of the cartridge and run it inside of the cap.

    3) I fill up a coffee cup with water and microwave it for one minute

    4) I put the refill in the warm water for about 30 seconds to loosen it up so you can inject the refill into the cartridge. A good way to know that is is heated up enough is when any air bubbles flow easy to the top.

    5) Inject it into the cartridge (need steady hands!) and screw the top back on

    6) I usually then wipe down the cartridge with alcohol so it is not sticky


  • Thanks Carolinagirl

  • Yeah, those are better instructions than I could have written myself!

  • I got my first Wedding Cake refill cartridges and I'm really unhappy. The syringe from Med Mamma doesn't come with a tip that fits inside the cartridge and the natural glass is too thick. Add to that the "liquid" is CRAZY thick. I soaked it in hot water for a minute and it got a little looser but it's still way way way way too thick. So I have an expensive mess on my hands and it's a ton of time to try to cajole the liquid into the empty cartridge. I've soaked and resoaked 3 times now. I'm not happy and won't order their syringes again. If I'm doing something wrong, please let me know. I'll send you a vid of this stuff and you can see what I'm dealing with. I want my money back, but somehow I doubt there is a process for that.

  • U need a blunt tip needle and use a hairdryer with light heat to get the oil to go to bottom of cart.

  • I agree, the warmer the liquid is, the better it will flow. At room temperature it's very viscous.

  • Hello ,and I have tryed both, the refillable Vapes 4 for 200, and the prefilled Vapes ones ,4 for 300, and I dont think the refillable one are as potent or come close to the prefilled ones ! I think you get what you pay for ! I'd rather get the prefilled ! Thank you !

  • I have a mini blowtorch lighter that ya cant see the flame...that kind...heats stuff up ya only have to wave it over the glass rapidly. Not in one spot and NEVER hot enough to bubble or sizzle. You have to have the it gently touching the glass of the cart. Keep @ the correct angle and squeeze evenly and firmly...EASY, take your time. You will do better if you can twist the cart slow slow slow. Watch to see that its going in there. You can also heat up your cart too IF ITS GLASS ONLY.
    Hate to hear your trouble but glad ya dont wanna order more. I LOVED these and really like this wedding cake. Eewwww weeee!

  • PS: get the atomizer tank called Dragon Hitz..yes with a “Z” and see how the other side gets medicated with thise syringes. Lol. Dreams come true...did for ME! Thanx M.M.!

  • A secret of mine is using a hair dryer to heat it up after you put in the cartridge to get it to sink all the way down to the bottom!

  • The easiest way to warm a Vape syringe or cartridge to Refill or Transfer i have found, is simple ! Leave the top and bottom plastic seals on the cartridge ! If useing a refill it's already sealed, And then turn the water facet on HOT, at the lowest possible stream you can get, then hold the cartridge or refill syringe under the stream ! No worry ! As long as both seals are on correctly ! the water will never get to the oil ! Be patient
    ! And it's that simple ! The oil will flow like hot butter, No lighter, no flame, no warming it in your hands ! Or eny other way ! Its quick ! Simple ! And takes no time at all to transfer !

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