No label created anyone else?



  • Me too I ordered FL premium on the 25th got label created on the 27th nothing since then i contacted medboy and got a reply that he was looking into it that was yesterday at this same time today but have not heard anything yet i ended up having to cop a Oz of some shit called exodus kush never heard of it but it slaps 😆 since I've been waiting on the loudnco order I have ran across some GG4, slapping some cereal milk, slapping lava cake slapping og kush slapping and runtz slapping lol I might just use this online dispensary for its concentrates .I was wondering if I could just sub my order for some instead of the flower because I have soooo much now i really wish I could just buy it on here but two weeks is way too long to be waiting on my anxiety medication thats why I buy small and then shop around locally until it gets here.

  • @Tex Did you find anything else out about your order? Tomorrow I'll be 14 days out patiently waiting for my MedMama order.
    Nothing on ID and I don't expect it to be delivered on a Sunday but I hope yours gets worked out soon!

  • Yes I contacted medboy I think they ran out of FL premium and they seem to be backed up on messages as I n only get one reply a day so if you think that the ball will start rolling after 14 days think again it took 3 days just to send 4 messages back and forth i text wait a day get answer then text back and wait Another day etc. as of now I'm still waiting on a confirmation of the shatter I requested instead of some more flower so tomorrow will make day 5 after the 2 week waiting period and almost 3 weeks since I ordered which will be followed by another two week waiting time once the replacement ships while I love this service i can't help but feel down about the whole situation I know patience is needed but this was an order I placed on the 25th and was hoping it would be here on the 4th not the case I guess when they say on here order ahead of time they mean about a month or so lol and while I'm typing i just got an email saying that they will relay the message about the shatter replacement so I don't know if I just start checking ID for a package or do I just wait for another message I really am exhausted about it all good luck to everyone else I hope your experience is not as mine is ,Thanks

  • Yes sent email hes making it good got my label so i know its on way this time they always keep their word, i knew something was wrong last time when i got no label its always worked here past covid

  • @b4ldhe4d101 Honestly I wasn't too impressed with my Premium FL. Beautiful buds, but It didn't get me that high. I attributed it to my tolerance being pretty high lately, but the premium Chemdawg I tried the same time got me pretty lit. It smelled a little "different", was actually too moist when grinding, and I've actually already found several seeds in it. I bought a half and I still have most of it. Maybe it was just my batch, but you may have dodged a bullet in some way lol. I know it still sucks waiting as I had one of my orders get screwed up last month too. I reached out to @medboy who in turn reached out to Loud, and before I even got a response from @medboy about the status of the order, Loud had already resent it and it showed up in my mailbox. Maybe yours will just pop up as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏽

  • That's what happened to me when I had ordered a half that was late @Five12Man . I have enough money to buy herb but not for it to be tied up if that makes sense.

  • @OneLove I wasn’t too impressed with my fruit loops either.

  • Last time from Medmama i got a package without the reflective x-ray stuff on it and i was kind’ve pissed. Thats so risky idk why it was packaged so carelessly and with no freebie lol

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    So how about had an order scheduled for delivery today and they delivered to the complete wrong address like another side of town. First ID didn’t update just said out for delivery since 7am. I also had some Jordan’s coming in today as well so after o returned home from running a few errands I come home and my only package was my shoes. I checked everywhere and then ID said it was still out for delivery 🤔 8:30pm comes and the website updates and first says delivered at front porch and then delivered in mailbox at 1030am in a different zip code. I emailed Mb but I know it will take some time to figure this out. Also called USPS (wasn’t sure if I should but I did ) Sucks bc this could have been my GG4 or my Do-Si-do. I really hope that this can be fixed bc damn that’s a half OZ 😔😔 patiently waiting on a response. Ugh hope USPS doesn’t F up my next few orders i have coming in 😖

  • Well just found out that if USPS doesn’t find my package it is a complete loss 🤬 damn that sucks frfr

  • @Loudpack1022 I seriously thought it was just me lol.

  • @suchacutie89 call the address they delivered it too and ask for your package

  • @suchacutie89 i would be pissed

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    @BMan I literally drove over there this morning and it’s some freakin apartments! I live in a freakin house anyways so if they didn’t see a apt number why would they deliver ???? I went to the post office as well and they said the Mailman GPS that scans the packages when they deliver was turned off when he scanned my item so now they are trying to confirm where it was delivered because his scans stop suddenly for 30 mins between my packages 🙄. They delivered like 20 mins away from my zip code completely different zip. Yet all the information in the system is mine. I know I lost this one ☝🏾 It sucks but hey what can I do. MB said they have no control over USPS mishaps like this so it’s a loss. Until my order comes Thursday IDK if 2 grams was delivered or 14 grams 😫

    Also, I went ahead and purchased a PO Box because I refuse to let this happen again ! Incorrect delivery should be unlikely when the package doesn’t have to leave the post office.

    Smoking my last XJ13 this morning to ease the pain of this loss 😫😫😫☺️

  • @suchacutie89 fucking sucks! Hopefully the customer that got your package will put it back in the mailbox saying it’s not theirs...praying the best for you but keep us updated.
    @OneLove Naw bro I felt the same way. It had a slight taste similar to juicy fruit...the high was descent but I didn’t get the affects like the description lol. They made that shyt sound much better than it was. Shyt so expensive but I gave it to my brother...real life lol.

  • Just wanted to chime in that I realize the postal situation is frustrating for all of us. On our end we are being bombarded with "where is my package" emails. All we can say is that we are shipping all orders within 24-48 hours though occasionally 72 hours if we get an exceptionally busy few days. The rest is USPS. All I can say is order earlier than you think you need to!

  • @Loudpack1022 .... hmmm... how do I put this and not sound like a d*ck...

    You either have thick legs or really tiny feet... can't tell from the angle....

    Pfunny photo.... :wink:

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    @suchacutie89 .... I would flat-out confront your postal carrier and ask him/her WTF! My guess is that you have a thief for a carrier... which is really, really rare.... the story is just too complicated to be true... The whole thing with the GPS cutting out is f-ed. I would be standing at my mailbox on Thursday and give that a-hole a piece of my mind.

    P.S. I used to be an online seller (in the USA and in China) and have literally shipped over 15,000 orders. I can count on my hands the number of packages the post office lost.

  • @daCabbie oh I’ve been looking at my camera all day !! As soon as I get the notification he is approaching I’m definitely letting him have it !! This is not the first time he has done this either ! He has even delivered someone epipen her before ! Luckily I work for a major health insurance company and recognized the type of mailing. I drove it to the proper address and let them know what happened. The GPS excuse I feel is just what USPS is trying to say as an excuse. I’ll be lucky if I get it because the zip code they delivered it to is a college area. All I keep thinking is someone got that package! It sucks but I’m considering it a loss. I just wish I knew what it was bc I ordered 2 1/4th that day one of premium GG4 and 1 Black Cherry Soda. I purchased a PO Box today because I refuse to let this ever happen to me again. I’m LIVID ! But there is nothing more I can do but hope that it comes 😫😫😫 have another order coming Thursday and now I’m scared bc I don’t want this to happen again. Then I have 2 more orders I just placed a few days so a nervous wreck is an understatement

  • @suchacutie89 I would ask your post office supervisor to put a watch alert for your address. That should scare the carrier if they are stealing. Maybe even leave a note in your mailbox stating you have been missing packages.
    @daCabbie you just made me crap up laughing. Lol my thighs are thick but not my legs lol and it’s ok I’m used to dealing with assholes 😉

  • @Loudpack1022 the supervisor just called me said that they split the truck in 2 or something and now they have to find out why and where my package is. Now I’m waiting for them to call back 😫 have another package coming Thursday and I’m not leaving my house PERIOD LBVS 😔 I either loss some Premium GG4 or Black cherry soda 😓😓 it would be a miracle if it shows but skeptical 🤨

  • @suchacutie89 .... If they are on informed delivery you can deduce what you lost.... Medmama's packages come from S. California.... Loud's come out of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Ok it was from southern CA ! So I think I know what it was the BCS !! Thanks for that @daCabbie !!

  • @suchacutie89 Loud comes from Washington Medmama comes from cherry soda was from loud so if it came from Cali is was probably your gg4.

  • Omg noooo😫😫😫😫 @Loudpack1022 ! The post office called me back saying give them 2-3 days, but I know it’s a dun dun. It won’t happen again trust me 😫 I’m just going to go ahead and order some more because I really want to try the GG4 😖

    I also see that Alien orange cookies is gone !

  • I’m trying to remain upbeat about this but truly yo I’m pissed. Now that I got a PO Box I know this should not happen again ! I’ll only be using my PO for packages

  • @suchacutie89 you have every right to be upset plus it’s better to get it off you chest vs holding it in and making it worse. At least now they know it’s an issue and you’ll get extra attention in eyes from here out...smoke a fat one when that next package drops. My next one comes Thursday and I’ll roll a fatty In honor of you

  • @Loudpack1022 thanks for listening or even writing back ! I hate to sound bitchy but damn ya know ! Was in my feeling yesterday. Got some local wedding cake and it’s slowly easing the pain 😓 definitely blaze one for me 😊

  • Update on my Mama order....ordered on the 29th received today and even got the freebie I asked for..and the 7.3gs of Skywalker OG is straight 🔥🔥🔥 well worth waiting the two weeks. Just hope the mail gets better...after skimming through post I also found out it was the post offices problem ran into getting swamped with packages is what I was told. Other than that I went out on a limb and I give Mama the props never had this strain before it's got that skunk flavor without that strong of auroma that makes you paranoid your neighbors are peeking. 🤗🤗🤗


    The bud is Smalls but the pic does it no justice. Pretty greens with little orange hairs smokes nice with a little hint of spice kind of.

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