No label created anyone else?

Ive been a customer for 2+years ordered on 6/26 recieved payment confirmation but no label has been created yet worried i wont get my order this has never happened. It is now 7/3 and still no label, ive always got my medmama order a little worried now anyone else?



  • Contact Medboy through the contact form

  • I did he said i have to wait 2 weeks before asking and i dont want to annoy him

  • Seems as though they really want to adhere to the rules so if nothing after 10 business days then definitely reach out. Until then keep checking ID

  • @Tex Don't worry I placed an order from MedMama 6/29 and still have no label created as of yet. I placed orders on eBay, a total of 6 orders and all my packages showed up on ID and have already been delivered. I think that Medicineman is just running behind on orders. I normally don't order from Mama and have been a customer for 5+ years so I understand your concern. Last month I ordered from Loud, received nothing on ID but my package still showed up in 4 days. Given tomorrow is a Holiday I'm sure by Monday we'll get ours. I take it you're from Texas and I am too!

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    I have been ordering here for 3+ years, 2 to 3 times a month and have NEVER had an issue. Normal was a palcement of order and within 5 days it's in the mailbox here on the southeast coast. But my last order has went this way......ordered/recieved payment on 6/26...label created 6/30...usps pickup 7/ latest is left San Jose Dist.Center on it's way AND expected delivery date 7/9 !!! 13 days if correct to deliver....Experience tells me that it likely will be sooner but obviously with the Covid/riots/unemployment in the country things have slowed. It will get here. Patient but streching out what I have left.

  • I ordered whatever day sunset sherbet premium came out, I can’t remember exactly what day that was but I think it was Wed (it may have been Tuesday) which would of been the first. I’ve had label created and it’s already on the way. Should be here Wednesday at the latest. Not trying to brag or anything I’m just giving you an update so you can compare. All my ships have always showed up on ID and have been moving really well of late, knock on wood. ESP from Loud, Which is who this one is from.

  • Yeah we're strict about our rules, especially right now because the postal system seems to be screwed up in places. Depending on where you are, some packages seem to arrive within our normal window, while others seem to take a long time.

  • my label was created on the 27th two days after I paid and it literally has been sitting in PRE shipping since 😥

  • That’s what confuses me as well. If is it is in the pre-shipment phase, is it in a usps drop box waiting to get scanned in or do the shippers just wait to ship all of their packages in one felt swoop? @medboy or @medman can you shed some light on this??

    I have never had a problem with informed delivery since covid and all the packages arrive in a timely manner. My pre-shipment label was created 7/1 and is still in the PRE phase. They always deliver just hope i get mine in time for a trip coming up

  • Label created on 28th, no movement. 🤷‍♀️ Weird.

  • Still no label created was hoping it would be in mail today , nothing, ordered refills on 6/26 got confirmed on payment but thats it. I want to buy more but guess ill wait to order til i get my package

  • @Tex Me either. 🙁🙁🙁

  • Same here.I Hope everything is okay

  • I ordered refills on Saturday and everything went through. Label printed already. Sitting in preship. I’ve ordered quite a few times through med mama. Personally I’ve never had a issue. I did order some bud though so it may be loud label to I guess.

  • I am kind of glad to live in BFE and not be able to get Informed delivery... It's always a pleasure when it just appears!!

  • I placed an order with medmamma last Mon 6/29. Label created Thurs. 7/2 nothing since then. Ordered something from Loud last Wed., label was created the next day and in my mailbox yesterday (Mon.) It's like a crapshoot I guess.

  • Each shipper has it's good times. I alternate often. I'll experience fast and slow processing with both shippers

  • I got notice it’s coming in today! Not bad for a holiday shipment. Yay! Go MedMama!

  • Checked out my informed delivery today, and it looks like this weekend is going to be lit! 💨💨

  • @Five12Man I'm considering it, myself, generally for those few days when I'm not home.
    There's so many "package bandits" who live on my street. 😏

  • As of today still no label created on my order thursday will be 2 weeks since confirmation

  • I hope it appears in my mailbox tommorow but ive never had informed deliver not show my order this is a 1st for me

  • I hope it shows up for you this week @Tex
    I'm down south too

  • @MigraineWarrior79 i literally cancelled a “for fun” trip to Cherokee NC bc of this same reason 😫

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    You are in my neck of the woods @suchacutie89

  • I love Western North Carolina. I went to uni in Asheville... never should have left. Ugh... regrets.

  • @daCabbie went to Asheville to ride the blue ridge parkway during fall and OMG one of the most beautiful country experiences lol just seeing all the trees colors ! I love NC ! @Derege lol it’s so many NC people on here frfr ! Should say something about the quality we get 😫😫

  • @suchacutie89 not NC but just west of you.

  • @suchacutie89 I really want to move out to Asheville. It reminds me of New England (where I'm from) but without the stupid winter weather.

  • @suchacutie89 Ugh! That sucks!!
    I'm probably going to pull the trigger on a po box next month when I take a little beach trip to the MS coast for a long weekend.

    I received unexpected money yesterday from an auto accident my father and I were in on valentine's day this year. It wasn't but a few hundred, but unexpected money is always the best! So, I'm putting it aside in my small "nest egg" fund, and taking that little beach trip.

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