Recovering addict.

Are there any recovering addicts that have a hard time finding smoke potent enough. I was a iv drug user and have been clean since Aug 2015. I smoke about a 1/2 oz a week even the the premo smoke doesn't do it for me I get super stoned for about 15 20 minutes and then I'm ready to smoke again. Moonrocks concentrates it doesn't matter its all about the same.


  • Good to hear you are clean. Weed is not a gateway drug like some say. It actually acts to help people with opioid and other addictions stay clean. I've been smoking weed since around 2011-2012 non stop and Im 100 positive during that time I was smoking street weed that was laced with all sorts of chemicals, specially PCP. That I know for a fact. So I can't say I have willingly taken hard drugs but they have definitely entered my system and I pretty much smoke the same way you do. About 9-15 grams a week if im not trying to conserve weed. Also similarly unless I take a super long t break for months the high only lasts 20 mins maximum. Do you think that's because of other drugs or is that for everyone regardless of what they have taken in the past?

  • Some people, the high lasts for hours. For me I am lucky to get 30 minutes before I want to smoke again. Tolerance also has something to do with it for some.

  • Hi,
    First off Congratulations on remaining clean this long !! That is a major success and it definitely deserves acknowledgement ☺️ Have you tried to decrease the amount that your smoking or maybe smoke less to increase your tolerance ? Have you tried mixing ? Like flower mix with hash or keif? Or maybe even someone can tell how vaping works vs flowers ?

  • Congrats! Recovering addict here as well, around the same time as you.

    It takes time honestly, and keep in mind that everyone's experience is different.

    In the beginning it was the hardest for me, personally, where I had this problem.

    I took a lot of tolerance breaks, and ate a lot of candy, lol, eventually I got to the point where I am now where a high will last.

    Feel free to ask questions. 😊

  • I tried vaping I'm more of all natural kind of guy weird huh I dont like taking pills and prescriptions and all that jazz and smoking really does help with my anxiety, depression and anger. But currenty I am trying to cut back on the amount I smoke

  • Have you ever tried lining your blunts with Kief? It is pretty good. Might help a little and MedMama and Loud both have some good Kief. Also want to say congratulations on your sobriety. That is a very huge accomplishment, keep up the good work! You really might want to just try to lower your tolerance by easing up for a few weeks and then just don’t jump full force back into it ya know. I have had to do that a few times myself. Good luck

  • Good job on getting clean takes alot of willpower Iv been there I know .
    One thing that may help is to cut down on ur intake 1/2 a week is quit a bit . Need to take a small dolerence break. Then I pretty sure even after a couple days the meds will work alot better. Keep up the good work

  • Buy nothing but indica concentrates shatter wax etc . Also I found that sativas are not my cup of tea I like to feel a little dumb after I smoke if that makes since lol
    "Indica squad"

  • Yeah I definitely like indica better than sativa but I'm trying to find a sativa I like because I work a weird night shift and have 4 kids at home so there are usually 2 to 3 days a week I'm up over 24 hours and it gets hard to stay up smoking heavy indicas lol I appreciate all the kind words and tips.

  • There are a lot of good sativas up right now with loud that you can't go wrong with!

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    First of all, I'm also a recovering addict, though it's the uppers for me. Crystal meth, cocaine, adderall. Congrats on getting clean! I also got clean with cannabis.

    Second, if I were smoking 1/2 oz a week, I'd try to reset my THC tolerance. That's way too much of a chore to get high and it makes it not fun at all. Plus it's just a waste of money IMO.

    If you've been clean since 2015, you should be able to handle 2 weeks of not smoking. Then I'd just ease back into it slowly.

  • Another thing I've found and this may be complete bullshit, but I think I get tolerant of individual strains. Switching up strains seems to help me not build a bigger tolerance.

  • @Sixwaychili I'm like you, and get tolerant of individual strains, which is why I don't order usually more than a quarter to an half.

    Also, I was into uppers, myself. Mostly meth, blow, and crack.

    Anyway, enough about 'that other person' who I'm not anymore.

    I'm thankful for cannabis and my higher power because for neither I don't believe I'd be on earth anymore.


  • You all are just so supportive ! I swear I have been apart of many forums (mostly mommy forums lol), and just truly the support and personal experiences you all shared are amazing !! I’m so glad to hear you all have overcome your pass! I watched my mother get clean and it was one of THE HARDEST to deal with in the beginning, but the mother she is now clean is like finally having my Mom/Best friend back ! She also is a marijuana user and has her medical card in AZ. I’m sure this is random, but honestly it is nice how open, honest, and helpful everyone has been ❤️🖤❤️🖤

  • You're looking for kratom @Derege . Hop on mewe

  • Kratom is an opiate/narcotic (not sure how to classify it)... I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, especially someone who knows they have addictive tendencies.

    I took kratom everyday for a year... took me two weeks of withdrawals to get off it... seriously, two weeks of laying in bed twitching.

    Be careful with kratom.

  • You can taper off with Hirsuta and stem and vein. If I go cold turkey from cannabis I get moody for a week.

  • If I go cold turkey from cannabis (which I can but I seriously choose not to) I’m like the worst human on the face of the planet, mood swings, irritable, headaches, no appetite, don’t want to do anything.. like I always say it was put here for a reason.. people like me (I’m not the only one) that have been using this as a self medicine (For life) since they were 14-15 everyday with little to no breaks, it’s life. Take it or leave it. Now heroin, and meth and stuff I’ve never tried, so all of y’all going through that, I feel for you and see how hard that is cause I have people close that are going through it! You all have purpose, don’t forget that, but keep it natural..😩

  • Good to hear you kicked the shit out of that addiction I love good news in the morning

  • Yeah I get very irratable and get sleep if I dont smoke I just feel like I'm one of those people that has to be on something to feel right. It's like I'm missing something in my body that makes you feel "normal". I've always felt like that I would steal my grandparents beer and chug one as fast as I could when i was like 6 or 7 years old

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    @Derege i can attest to be the same way... most people in general are this way! One way I help myself cope with that fact is just by keeping busy-mind and hands. Keep your mind learning new things and always have a hobby.. if you’re like me you’ll have tons. And yes it’s expensive but, if you do it the right way you can make your hobbies work for you!.. always keep it “fresh” is what I’d like to say.. if you haven’t I also recommend shrooms.. I wouldn’t say they’re non addictive. Just like I won’t say cannabis is non addicitve.. but, every-once in a while they will tell you what you need to know. And in my experience, if you do them often you won’t actually trip(hallucinate,etc.)(like doing it just to do it cus it’s mushrooms and it’s a new drug) it’s kinda just there for when it’s really needed, or when you have a hurdle you need to jump or whatever, hope this helps and I’m not trying to be a douche, I know sometimes things are interpereted differently and this is not Facebook— I am not trying to burn any bridges here.

    I also don’t consider natural plants drugs, even if they make you feel a certain way or see things. They were put here for us to consume and grow ourselves.

  • Interesting fact: there's such a thing as "cross-tolerance" in which you can build up tolerance to a drug that you've never taken before, if you build up a tolerance to a different drug. It doesn't work with everything, but one of the cross-tolerance links that's been well-established is between cannabis and opioids. So smoking a lot of cannabis over time will build up your tolerance to opiates, even if you've never taken them before. My brother is an ER nurse and he's seen this all the time with "potheads" who get in car accidents or whatever and there's no safe dose of morphine that he can give them to treat their pain so they just have to suffer. And @Derege illustrates the other side of that coin.

    This is not limited to cannabis and opiates, though. You can also build up tolerance to alcohol and cocaine by eating excess sugar, which is an unsettling thought for parents around Halloween.

  • Way down, CBD

  • Try non stressful days. Weekends and holidays
    I know it’s not pleasant but no choice but to holiday use. I like the RSO but builds tolerance up fast! I am using the LO distillate now. Will review.

  • @daCabbie kratom can be different for everyone depending on many things. If it weren't for kratom I would probably still be on hard opiates, possibly even dead. I still take it everyday and yes I would get some form of withdrawal if I abruptly stopped, but it kills my desire to drink and do other drugs. Kratom saved my life.

  • Same here.

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