If asked to sign?

Just placed my first order yesterday. I'm in the Bible belt (NC) and obviously a bit nervous. I 110% realize and know this site is legit, so that's not the issue.

If the postman/postwoman were to ask you: "Hi are you______?", is the best response to say "no" at that point? Or to say "Yes, that's me, but I'm not expecting a package and don't feel comfortable signing for it ".

Thanks so much for any advise or words to calm my nerves lol.


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    Pretty sure You cannot legally and would never be asked to sign for this type of package without the shipper paying for the service, which in our case, they never ever will.

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    Why take the package directly from the delivery person in the first place if that’s a concern?

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    You will never be asked to sign for a MM package... the scenario you're imagining has never happened to my knowledge.

    Playing the 'what if' game is not good for ur mental health. Stop worrying.

  • You cannot get arrested if you don't sign for something so as Nancy Reagan said, "Just Say No."

    They would never go after the receiver. Only the shipper. And it's a giant waste of time. War on drugs is over and so is the war on terror. The new war is the war on viruses, allowing further unlimited government expansion in budgets and power.

  • This is not a package that has to be signed for. I’m in Greensboro ! Got my first delivery yesterday wasn’t even home had ran an errand. By the time I got my my package was on my back porch. Have 2 more coming today, 1 Monday and 2 in pre shipment 📦. Don’t worry I was too! However MM is truly a trustworthy sight ! You will be happy.

  • I’m in SE Georgia. Nothing but love for my mail lady. Was paranoid at first it’s natural. Now I watch for her like a little kid expecting something under the tree.

  • Don't worry the shippers are super stealthy to the point I ordered 8 grams of shatter and the package felt empty i shake em everytime and get no sound lol so I'm sure it won't be that obvious smoke up hometeam

  • I used to order seeds alot from HerbiesHeadShop, they would put a bunch of craft beads in a bag and mix the seeds in there. Or hide the seeds in an empty pen. Here, everything is vacuum sealed and in a mylar bag. Dont worry you are very safe.

  • Being from Texas, I’ve never had any issues, and if they do have an issue, fuck em. The way I look at it; God (in my eyes) (or whoever your larger power is) put the dam plant here for medicine. They can suck a bunch of dicks

  • Amen @Fastguy199
    It does say in the bible that everything God placed upon the earth with seeds is good.
    Plus, there are far too many diseases, syndromes, and ailments this plant cures, and aids with for it to be deemed anything but medicine.
    Just one Christian user's opinion.

  • Thanks everyone! I truly appreciate the inspiring words. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve just waiting for Santa lol. So glad I found this community.

    I knew MM doesn't send anything that would have to be signed... Just thinking worst case scenario and wondering what you'd say if you were asked to sign (obviously dealing with a setup at that point).

  • @vices919 in our entire history we have never heard to anyone being "set up" with a controlled delivery. Honestly they save that stuff if you're ordering a pound of heroin from someone they might. It just is not worth their time for a bag of weed.

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  • Actually, while it's rare for us, I have seen a couple of times in which the package did have to be signed for. I have no idea why that happens but it's not normal.

    I can tell you that it's not a set up though! In the rare event that the postal inspector finds out what is in our packages, the package gets confiscated and a letter is sent to the customer. There's no setup in that, they're very up-front about it. So if you ever are asked to sign for a package, I suggest that you do so.

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