Two types of people... a non political topic.

There are two types of people in this world... those who get Dylan and those who don't...



  • Bob Dylan?

    @MikeyC lol I forgot about that one thanks for that!

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    My fav Dylan song

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    Bob or Jakob. I kid i kid 1 headlight

  • LOL @SpongePail "1 headlight" .. lol .

    that was (unfortunately? lol) one of the first EVER songs i would ever hear live at a concert (Wallflowers opening for Smashing Pumpkins c. 1996, Houston TX)

    on another note, All Along the Watchtower's intro solo is one of the best pieces of guitar ever written , a perfect companion to one of the world's greatest songwriters of all time

  • Did I just take a stroll down memory lane! Smashing Pumpkins is one of my fav grunge bands! Siamese Dream is my fav by them 💚

  • loved Smashing Pumpkins. Siamese Dream & Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness were both classics IMO

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    @v32Finish funny i saw wallflowers pumpkins together as well must have been same tour. Lets walk memory lane.
    Have seen lets see........
    Chilli Peppers
    No Doubt
    Reel big fish
    Cowboy mouth
    They might be giants
    Lenny kravitz
    Blues traveller... Smoked w Popper backstage
    Perry ferrel w satellite party Actually gave him weed during concert. Small club and i was at stage. After show got invited backstage. Was AWESOME
    Stone temple pilots
    Third eye blind
    Wierd Al
    Many more but that's like my 90s bands i can remember going too

  • @SpongePail thats a great list to see. How was Weird Al in concert?

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    Weird Al was great. It was in a small theater usually used for the local orchestra. List is incomplete left out newer bands since we were walking down memory lane. Also love stand up. Seen loads of comedians will leave with prolly my 2 favs. Cheech and Chong and Anthony Jeslenik.

  • Gotta Agree that's a good list. I have seen several from that list (but also not seen alot of them). What else.. back then.. I would add KISS, Godsmack, Slipknot, method man & redman w/ SPM, Phish, Widespread Panic, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band . I miss going to concerts. :( Hell I miss good music in general. Do they still make that anymore? Good music? ;)

  • @SpongePail does 311 sound as good live as they do on album? Always loved their groove style and heavy/technical sound

  • Well almost no one sounds as good live as on a record. But yeah they are good live kravitz and alice in chains sound same live or almost. But disclaimer i went to most of those stoned and or tripping. How could i forget alice in chains. Best night ever. 😂

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    I'd give almost anything to see AIC again live, but the original with Layne. I know im obviously living in fantasy land, but a girl can dream, lol
    Same with Type O Negative.
    Good ol days

  • @SpongePail idk man, tool IMO is better sounding in person.. I saw k-dot(Kendrick Lamar) and he sounds identical to the way he does on tape. Mac Miller not so much. Was expecting him to kill it live but it was more just screaming and stuff. Didn’t sound anything like his recorded voice.

  • Here's my list.
    1. The Eagles
    2. The Eagles
    3. The Eagles

  • Eagles before my time a bit. But i instantly sung. Just another tequila 🌅. When i read comment.

  • @SpongePail Pearl Jam always sounds 10 times better live than on a record.

  • I said almost no one not no one 😂 😂

  • @Good2Go fun fact: one day I was standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona -- and the promised girl in the flatbed Ford never showed. I want my money back.

  • That's because it was a FORD.....LOL

  • fix or repair daily. Aka Ford

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