PO boxes....anyone using them?

Recently moved and now have a PO box for mail. Has anyone else used a PO box for their orders? I went ahead and upgraded to a large one big enough to hold a priority mail box in anticipation of my medman orders. Has anyone used a PO box for ordering and was there any issues? Have used medman for years and never had an issue before but it was to a home address...not a PO box


  • I'd like to know this as well.

  • No problems at all. If you get the small box and it won't fit you just need to go by when they are open.

  • I used to use them when I ran a seed swap site, just don’t let anyone send “just anything” to it though. It’s tempting believe me. But, other than well wrapped goods shipped from MM, you don’t want a not so well wrapped box sitting inside the PO building for too long 😉 Also for extra stealth have a few pieces of regular mail show up in the box now and then to keep it all looking legit.

  • I thought about it

  • We recommend that folks get a PO box any time there's any kind of issue with their street address. We rarely have trouble with smells emanating from our packages, but I can't claim that it's never happened.

  • I recently got a PO Box because of a mail mishap and honestly I like it ! As soon as I see delivered I go pick up my mail and leave that’s it ! Have less delivery issues so far as well

  • Since I got P.O. Box no delivery issues had a few when it was being delivered to house and just to let people know med man always made good and I mean always.

  • Thank you all who replied. Eagerly awaiting my order. Showed up on informed delivery as label created this morning so everything is looking good. Was glad to hear that MM has recommended people use them when they have had issues. I've been ordering for years with only one snafu that was fixed promptly. I love this service and was a bit worried about using a PO Box instead of home address

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