The DREAM I received looked more like a nightmare (looked) gr8t product just should have been trimmed.
Love site,thank you


  • Thanks so much for the feedback!

  • Yeah definitely a little on the shaggy side, but really only compared to other nugz I’ve gotten here. I call this a “gardener’s” trim, it’s the way I hand trimmed when I was growing my own. Nice change of pace from the tight trim (mechanical?) of the indoor offerings here, though I am going to scissor these up a little and let them cure up in a jar for a while. Nugz are the biggest I’ve ever gotten from MM, sticky AF too. Fresh tasty sativa nugz sure fill the jar up @ $250 a zip. Couple puffs and I couldn’t be happier. MedMama Monday FTW! 🙌 ♥️

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