Scammer on Wickr!

BEWARE: it has just come to my attention that there is a scammer impersonating us on Wickr. Apparently, he must be quite convincing because more than one of our customers have already fallen victim to him.

DO NOT be fooled! The only way that you can order from us is through the order page on our website and the only way to contact us is through our contact form and subsequent emails. Anyone who approaches you through any other channel is a scammer, so beware!

So sorry that we have to deal with this.



  • People have too much time on their hands

  • @medboy if somebody is trying to impersonate yall specifically than you know you must be doing something right!

  • There's a instagram page that looks like they may be doing the same

  • Ive had people try to sell me weed via insta before. No one impersonating MM tho.

  • Thanks for the tip @b4ldhe4d101

  • edited July 2020

    If I hadn’t been referred too MM by a good personal friend and investor I’d never buy online. I’ve seen other sites and wondered if they were legit but I don’t have the money to throw away to find out. As long as MM is here, I’ll be here!

  • Wow ! I only place my orders through the direct website period ! There is no other way to do it safely. So sorry this happened to someone. I e been scammed before so I know how that can feel

  • Yeah I was randomly Googling "online marijuana sales" when I found the MM site. I searched to see if it were legit and found various people saying MM was a legit service. This forum really sold it though. Before deciding to order, I went through and read alot of old posts and figured if this many people had success it was legit.

  • If I had to guess, I bet business is booming with a big part of that being because of this message board. It just makes people on the fence more at ease.

  • This is terrific feedback, thanks! In fact, we have been seeing an increase in new customers over the past few months. We had attributed it to lockdowns etc but I believe that the forum has been a factor too, you're probably right.

  • Yeah, the forum was deff. the selling point with me. I was still on the fence even after reading reviews on other websites that were favorable and made MM seem legit, but the forum really convinced me.

  • Forum officially sold me.@medboy
    I skipped the $10 sample and went straight for a half Sunset Sherbet. My smallest order since...

  • Yep 100% this forum is what got me off the fence recently.

  • I was told about this site by a good friend but as with others the forums made it a bit easier to take the shot.

  • I honestly found this site through a Google search about a year ago, but didn't do anything because I was hesitant with BTC.
    Then, when looking, and wishing I noticed the forum, and saw how to go about using cashapp to purchase btc, and now I'm here to stay.

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