I see a huge increase in the Bitcoin market. I hate it sometimes because imagine if you had $400 sitting there and it goes up by 15%. Would be awesome


  • Or imagine buying crypto at $0.19, only for it to go up $500. I invest in XRP.

  • One of the first times I ever bought BTC, I had a delay in paying for the order. The value went up enough to pay the fee Coinmama charged. Not a lot, sure, but it felt like I was gambling and had won a round of cards. :-D

  • I was fortunate enough to have bought 2.5 btc when it was 330 a coin for a stash fund. This site has acquired a good portion of that since.

  • When i was younger i saw Bitcoin and for fun i was going to buy like 19 of them. Never did it because i got focused on something else. I will always regret that, but who would’ve know Bitcoin would have done what its doing besides people on the dark web lol `

  • @greatspirit i bought XRP once i had 29 shares all for .13 and it went up to $3.50 a share and i never sold. I thought it was going to go as high as Bitcoin and now its bubble popped and is just chillen

  • Predictions are always difficult, but especially when they're about the future.

  • While I'm not one to talk a lot about it, in my opinion this is an EXCELLENT time to invest in bitcoin. Although zero guarantees, my own belief is that it is going to skyrocket in value this year.

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    o_O I thought about getting into it back in the mining days since i'm kinda into PC building but i haven't followed cryptos closely. They're in a gray area as something i know a little about/ interested in, but haven't followed up with or properly researched.

  • @medicineman hearing that from you makes me want to invest lol i wonder if it will beat the $19k it hit before. Sooner or later i do think Bitcoin will be more of a thing.

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    It all depends on how much the usual suspects completely manipulate the pricing. The traditional fundamentals clearly show that the US dollar is prime for a total collapse which would lead to precious metals and crypto shooting through the roof by thousands of percent. But the prices are completely suppressed by central banks, big banks, hedge funds and governments just to keep their fraud party going a little bit longer. I didn't think the economy would ever rebound from 2007. It really did not rebound at all, even though they faked a recovery. Financial fundamentals mean almost nothing now. It's all about rumors of what the Fed might do.

    So good luck timing making money this way. It's probably smarter to get out of the stock market right now because when the foreclosures start, the giant house of cards is going to start collapsing again and bank failures will come next and I don't know how the dollar survives that again. But trying to time it is about impossible. And that doesn't even rule out them doing something drastic and stupid like making crypto and precious metals illegal to hold or use.

    I'm sure that they're working on their own new crypto that can be tracked forever as a new world currency that will be the only legal tender that anyone in the world is allowed to use to replace all other currencies.

    Welcome to the Brave New World.

  • @medicineman, it has gone up $27k since this post. Thank you thank you 🙏 the day I actually started investing cause of this post.

  • @Looper1 Yay! I felt pretty confident about my prediction.

  • Oh, has the price gone up? I haven't noticed. :wink:

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