Organic Jack Herer

Sounds good ands it’s by the new shipper I’m tempted to give it a trial run ☺️☺️ Will update with experience ❤️



  • I am tempted too.....

  • @PettKatt i think I’m going to pull the 🔫 just pull today on Green Crack

  • Think I might do the same. There were a couple from Loud I wanted, but I may give up one and go for the Jack Herer from the new shipper to give it a test and for future reference on their quality.

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    @OneLove its the first THC primary bud I see from them 23% THC 1% CBN is not bad so I’m like 😫😫 should I ???? Should I not 🤦🏾‍♀️☺️😂

  • i like the fact they include the % for ref.. aiiieeee.. i wanna try it too. the pic looks really good but you can't really tell from the pic tho.. but idk. my gut is saying this is gonna be good

  • @v32Finish thats how I’m feeling !! Temptation is CALLING !! 😳

  • I don’t know anything about that good? Lol! I just like top shelf! It being organic appeals to me as well!

  • @PettKatt percentages have to be taken with a grain of salt.. bc sometimes the numbers arent everything.. but that is good, esp. for jack herer. in general, 20s is good, high 20s is really strong, and 30%+ is ridiculous (IMO) and somewhat rare. Jack often sits around the 17-23% range (educated guessing here from prev exp) so IMO this is on the higher end (for Jack)

  • Yea...I wanna order it too....I have a empty jar still
    I have a total of 7 jars lol

  • @Looper1 I ordered it today so we will see ☺️

  • Prolly gonna pull on this one with the blue dream gelato

  • do it, do it, do it! somebody who's really close to them order these plz, i would like one of you guys who can get your order in in like a day or 2 to review both of the new shippers strains plz :) :lol: Sucha & Migraine yall gonna have to give us the run down.. hopefully they'll still be there by the time someone gets some in hand

  • @v32Finish I did ☺️☺️ Will definitely update with review. Still waiting in my shipping label for green crack 😫😫

  • I'm waiting to get paid. Haha

    @suchacutie89 looking forward to your review, and maybe pics if you get a chance

  • Only reason I’m not buying some is because JH isn’t my fave..Now Xj-13, Purple Jack, and other JH crosses are a different story..I do enjoy the fruity aroma of JH..interested in hearing some reviews..

  • This organic weed better finish out my college semester for me lol with that price tf

  • For all of you complaining about pricing, have no idea what pricing was just 3 months ago. Stuff still sold out then so I guess all the "cheapies" will just miss out.

  • No one has gotten this yet? I’m so curious!

  • Mine comes tomorrow !!

  • As soon as there's a review, if it's a good one, everyone is going to buy the rest of it because of so few options left.

  • Sixway lol I was thinking of ordering an 8th tonight b4 that happens.. haha

  • But then I start to think about the new strains coming 🤔

  • medman says today at some point!!!!

  • wait for it.. wait for it ... reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Any reviews yet?

  • They finally shipped mine lol

  • Where is @suchacutie89 ?!?! I thought she was getting some by now? I'm curious about this bud as well. Someone pleeeeze enighten usssss

  • I know i was wondering the same thing

  • Hey y’all ! I did see that it is delivered in my PO Box (both came a day later then estimated) I’m out of town right now, but as soon as I get back I will definitely update 😊😊😊😊

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