Organic Jack Herer



  • @BMan how long it take them to ship? Curious

  • @Theboyua look at my review man. Its awful

  • This is NOT a premium this is worse than street weed lol its actually funny to me how bad this is. So happy i got Strawberry cough coming soon

  • If you want the best quality go with loudnco. I've never gotten a strain from them I didn't think was fire weed. Literally every single strain has been fire top shelf bud

  • @maryjanelover11 I agree i only stick with them usually unless Medmama has something that i want

  • I’ve gotten some purple kush not long ago from mama that was ok. Now I got some outdoor bot to long ago and wasn’t as happy. Loud will get my bud orders and mama gets my money for refills. I spread the wealth!

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    Just received a package of the organic Jack Herer earlier than expected. Unfortunately I have the same experience as BMan.. It's bad. Paid a premium price for this stuff and it is nothing more than mid grade at best. Extremely disappointed... No label on bag, no freebies, terrible quality, all tiny, leafy, stemmy popcorn nugs..

    I really hope MM makes this right. Picture attached.

  • @Vices919 Awww man :( thats so sad im sorry dude

  • I even filled out an order for this bud.. i'm so glad that my indecision got the best of me. big yikes to see this.. and curious to see what happens :popcorn:(lol)

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    Thanks bro. It burns and crackles like wood would on a campfire, nasty burnt taste. I can't even smoke this stuff.

  • Yeah same for me it hurts my throat i cant smoke it either. I contacted them about it they should respond at some point. @suchacutie89 you should probably do the same unless you actually get it lol

  • Man, that's worse than the worst buds I've ever gotten in high school!

    I'm glad they pulled her off the site, and that @medman is going to hook yall up with something else.

    It sucks that yall have to go through this whole pain in the ass process, though.

  • @Vices919 probably shouldn't smoke that bro. Sounds like its either laced or extremely shit weed.

  • Yea that reminds me of the last shippere that was on for a short time . That went out with covid. That new shipper don't need to come bac. There getting none of my hard worked money . Only lound and occasionally med mama . I know what to expect ever time from lound and that's 100 percent 🔥

  • Me to man am sorry you wasted ur money on that trash no reason at all for that. Am sure that's not even a 20!doller bag it's not even reg

  • And I assume it's from ca. And it's really hard to find that low quality in cal . You have to look for it to be that bad damit that upsets me m stick with lound and moma

  • Wow that looks like early 90's old school bc beasters. Mid grade that was then shook in a machine to kief it before sale. Not premium. Not even discount for MM. Now if it was sold as middies for like 80 a half. Maybe but at that price point that's a big OL NOPE!

  • Was MJ growing out of a closet? I mean this literally looks like bud that the private school kids would pay 15 a g for😂 I love Loud N Co, they’ve given me the prettiest looking buds by far, MM’s don’t look as great (except for gelato 33), but are still as quality. Glad I didn’t order from medical Jane

  • @Vices919 buds look even worse than @BMan
    I'm offended for you all.😔

  • Anyone who's received this bud from Medical Jane and has a similar opinion of its quality, go ahead and write to me through the contact form. :/

  • Definitely looks like some cheap CBD bud... that really sucks.

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