Im not paying a premium price for an organic bud.

The whole thing doesnt make sense. Why would i spend $180 on a 1/2 of Organic Jack Herer. When i can get Greenhouse for $135? Idk im not a fan of this it seems like a price increase. Really wanted to try the new shipper out


  • I will update with the quality. I tried it out to test the new shipper quality. I said the same thing, but they have to start from somewhere. I even felt their CBD prices were a little high

  • @suchacutie89 The only difference is they probably used General Organica instead of General Hydroponics lol either way cannabis is flushed at the end of its flowering cycle. So its organic when you get it anyway

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    It very likely is considered a premium, not just an organic and it doesn't state that. It's priced the same as premiums.

  • I was a little confused on why the JH is 180 and Blue Dream is like 135 myself

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    Because blue dream sucks IMO. I havent had blue dream from here so theirs maybe better than the few times ive had it.

  • I’ve grown and bought BlueDream off this site..very comparable! MedMama had some indoor a while back..thought it was excellent! I will say some hazes tend to leave me more fatigued when all said and done..Blue Dream is one of those and Super Silver Haze..Super Lemon Haze oddly enough gives me great energy and focus. Now I’m just ranting..

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    @BMan i can see where your coming from..I agree with @Sixwaychili its probably categorized as premium because of quality including being organic..In a perfect world all cannabis would be flushed properly..with that I like the idea of “organic” just in case it’s not..I grow all my plants/vegetables organic..soil to fert and pesticides..major diff in quality terps are always very tasty..😜

  • i am a little put off by the price, but that's balanced out by the fact that i am intrigued by how frosty white it looks. if this post is seen by @medboy or @medman do you guys happen to have seen this bud in person? (since i doubt any have received yet) curious how it looks full-res but the pic is promising

  • @Suchacutie89 The CBD prices are way above what i can get from a local dispensary. I love CBD at times for my pain after a work day without a high but CDB seems to be closely prices to THC on MM lately

  • Sorry if i sound like an ass or whatever lol i was just stating my opinion

  • Loudnco says that all of their bud is organic, they just don't advertise it that way.

  • I bought some to tryout from the new shipper so i can try them out. We will see :)

  • @medboy, is Medical Jane's Organic Jack Herer a premium strain or is it priced incorrectly?

  • It's listed as a Premium strain and perhaps this is the root of the confusion. I'll consider changing the name.

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