I have checked many online sites to purchase; and extremely scared.. If it werent for PP I would be out of a lot of money. My Dr. is wanting me to try something new. Every site i checked for reviews after 1 week and a half of searching..were all scams. I dont know who to trust. I live in a state where I have to order on line


  • Great place to get your medication . I have ordered 5 times and always got what I ordered.

  • thank you. how long does it normally take to get your orders

  • Anywhere from 3-9 days. Usually 3-5

  • This is the real deal. I don't know how this could be proven to you, but MedMan is not a scam.

    Follow their instructions on ordering, and you will be pleased with the accuracy, efficiency, security, and reliability of their service.

  • great.. thank you

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback! Just throwing it out there that you may want to start off with just a sample gram. At only $10 worth of Bitcoin, it's a low-risk way to find out the truth about us.

  • The hardest part for me was convincing my gf that the police would not be standing outside our door waiting for me to take delivery.

  • It's not their jurisdiction. Our deliveries are federal jurisdiction, it's the postal inspector we have to watch out for. But the inspector doesn't care about you; he's after us!

  • Yes, that concern went away long ago. It's more dangerous driving around with it than getting it in the mail.

  • I have been ordering from Medman for over 5 years. They are the real deal.

  • I want to order right now

  • Here's our order form:

    Right now we're performing work on the BTC order form but we can take automated orders for Litecoin. If you prefer Bitcoin, then just email me through our contact form.

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