Top Strain in Past 3 Months

Alright Family, here are my top strains I've tried in the past 3 months and the bottoms on my list so far. Lets get engaged and list your tops and bottoms as well.

Blueberry Muffin
Jack Herer
Chem Dawg(got dam)
Purple Panny Dropper

Blackberry Kush
Dirty Girl
Orange Kush
Alien Fire Kush(more like middle but not what I expected)


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    Miracle Alien Cookies
    Chem Dog
    Wedding Cake
    Green Crack

  • Ghost ship and herer top my list. Had some premium purple kush from mama but that ghost ship was 🔥.

  • Top:
    Wedding Cake
    Purple Panty Dropper
    Bubba's Gift

    Orange cake

  • Top:
    Galactic Jack (my new favorite strain period lol)
    Premium Chem Dawg
    Sundae Driver
    Gelato 33

    Premium Fruit Loops. Think I got a bad batch, but other than that. Idek what to put as bottom 🤣

  • I try to do a lot of research and have yet to be disappointed. Last 6 mos.:
    Top: (loved them all!)
    Donkey Butter
    Blueberry Muffins
    Sunset Sherbet
    Skywalker OG
    Grape Ape
    Sundae Driver
    Blackberry Kush

    Orange Creamsicle (nothing wrong with it, just not my favorite).

  • My tops: (just noticed that i grouped a couple together on the same line, that is really just my own "mental" grouping together.. strains i associate w. each other for whatever reason)

    also both these mini-lists will be somewhat in order

    Sunset Sherbert
    Wedding Cake & Do-si -dos
    XJ-13 & Green Crack

    Bottom: (even the bottom ones, some were still decent and OK to smoke, aka "not terrible") :

    -Fruity Pebbles
    -Lavender OG (meh)
    -Dirty Girl (i'm mixed on this one bc i love the flavor and the nose.. but it's Soooo fkn harsh)
    -GG4 (this confused me bc this is supposed to be good bud, and premium at that, but mine had NO smell, no flavor, was dry, but then even after re-moisturized w. the boveda this flower was SO bland that idk if i got something wrong or what.. it got me high but also was SUPER harsh. was just a G tho so maybe the problem was transit? idk )

    honorable mentions Chemdawg, AFK, Jack Herer

    this is just generic, off the cuff, ..probably forgetting or omitting stuff. but yeah that's my general feelings; i was surprised to see the blackberry kush on someone's Bottom list, for me it's mid-tier at worst, but i also feel i haven't spent enough time w. the blackberry, master kush, or space queen to give honest placements for them.

    overall i've been very happy!!!

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    Tops: ChemDawg
    Alien OG
    Space Candy
    Grape Ape
    Sundae Driver
    Grapefruit Kush
    Gelato #33
    Blueberry Muffin
    Master Kush

    Bottom: GH Skywalker OG (not very potent), Outdoor OG Kush

    Waiting On- Premium MK and The current indoor Green Crack

  • Dude are you crazy that orange kush is amazing. Some of the tastiest smoke I’ve ever had. Blackberry is pretty good too but not much smell

  • Tops: Mac, orange kush, chemdawg

    Bottom: BlackBerry (good but no smell) , Xj-13 ( Good but no taste)

  • Top of the top is Gelato #33 and MAC
    Everything else is great besides GH Fruity Pebbles

  • It just goes to show you everyone is different. This site has everyone so spoiled, it's kinda funny. (I am the same) A year ago before I found this place I would have been happy with any of the strains. Now I find myself choosy, lol.

  • Relatively new. So far I have really enjoyed everything I have ordered (Space Queen, XJ13, Jack Herer, Blackberry) other than one that really did nothing for me (Pink Champagne). Have Bubba Kush on the way.

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    @Rockafire - Hell, I never even knew there were different strains! I just bought weed from my "guy." And I haven't tried anything I didn't like. Jach Herer definitely 1.

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