Green crack

Just wondering if anyone as received the green carck . If so how is it


  • My ID states mine should be delivered today. I'm excited, it's one of those strains I've never had.

  • Yes mine arrived. It is very good. Frosty with a strong head high.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 dude that was the same position i was in!! I thought i was literally the only person on the face of the earth who hadn't had Green Crack.. i was stoked to get to order it!! let me assure you it does not disappoint! i got mine yesterday and almost maybe 85% of the order was 1 giant dense bud. it reminds me of XJ somewhat, in appearance and quality of the smoke. light green, frosty, somewhat mild smell until you break into it, fruity w. a bit of funk.. nice and strong. overall very very good. i was really happy w/ this & glad i checked it off the list.

  • @v32Finish damn, that looks beautiful! Thank you for the review & pics!!

  • Can't wait to get mine!

  • Nice I’m excited as well!

  • No need to post a picture, just look above @v32Finish's pics. Looks exactly like that. Great quality with nice sized nugs. This is a clean high, makes me feel uplifted and focused. Great day time stuff.
    Also want to thank loud co. for the free edible & MM for this awesome service.

  • Green crack to me is meh. It's not the best but it's not the worst. It doesn't have a strong high.

  • @Derege 😫😫😫 no don’t say that I have some coming ! I brought that Alien Orange Kush and literally took a loss bc it was like some CBD to me. Hardly even had a taste or smell. Brought a half of it !

  • There are people that have said my favorite strains of all-time are meh, so I take it all with a grain of salt. Gotta look for trends. Strains affect everyone differently.

  • Green Crack has always hit me like bricks.
    Fantastic high, big smile, buzzin like a bee
    I hope there's some left for me to order some tomorrow! Money cometh!

  • Yeah it's funny how strains can b different for everyone. The green Crack that I received at least is very strong but not crazy .. still in the daytime realm.. so obv it's not gonna be as strong as a premium indica or hybrid maybe.. but yeah it def got me going .that and the blackberry when smoke in the day, oddly, have been the 2 that have got me like running around cleaning the house and doing shit.

    I needed a new daytime strain bc I've only got like a G or so of my XJ left .. I'm definitely happy with the GC for this purpose πŸ™‚ and it came with a 1g add on of Space queen.. which was also nice!

  • I'm not saying the quality is bad just not a strong high to me.

  • @Sixwaychili mine will be here Tuesday so I will definitely see πŸ₯° and I have the Organic Jack Herer coming Wednesday. The OJH is coming from my hometown in Cali (San Diego aka Daygo πŸ˜…) so I’m excited to test this new shipper

  • Lol I got mine today and it fucked me up. I was surprised.

  • Got mine today with a split of Dos si Dos. Both fire and high quality. The Green Crack is strong. I’m digging it. Like a shot of energy.

  • Received mine today as well πŸ₯΄..was expecting premium Master Kush since I ordered that a few day prior to GC..had late afternoon and it had me busy lol..had some Alien candy to chill me out..definitely a wake n bake strain

  • i know right.. i'm glad to have something i can smoke & still work, be functional, etc.

    @OneLove i remember after smoking it for the first time, thinking to myself " .....ok... this shit is VERY psychoactive". it got me good too !!!! and also worrying if i'd be able to smoke it & still be productive/OK at work, since that's the primary reason i got it. at any rate, it's chilled out a bit as i've spent some time with it, but yeah def. a nice addition to have a great daytime strain.

    now what i need to 'replace' is my "cream of the crop" / my very favorites. i need Loud to come thru with some premiums that are out of this world! (not that they haven't, of course)

    what i mean by this is that i've been rotating thru and 'replacing' things i'm getting low on, as one would do.. lol. first i needed a nighttime strain, got it. then the GC. got it.

    NOW.. what i'm low on is the really, really strong 50/50 hybrid stuff . now i've only been here a couple months so i do realize my view is limited but.. out of the premiums i've had, the Dolato and the Sunset Sherbert have been the best. everything else is lacking in at least 1 area (despite being very good in some cases). and i have about a gram left of each!! :open_mouth: :cry: anyway i must be high to just sit here and keep typing but yeah i'm ready for the legendary shit . and then i'll be all set for about a week or 2 until running low on something else..... lol

  • Did you try the loud premium Sundae driver? Very relaxing for me for when the whistle blows at the end of work.

  • I had it and loved it @MikeyC. And it smelled just like a sundae in the jar

  • @OneLove it still does! I've still got 5-6 nice size buds of the Sundae Driver left. Sometimes I feel like a hoarder. :smiley:

  • Split an ounce with GC and Mammoth...chose GC for the ounce and now kind of hoping I get the full ounce of GC instead of the split lol But. ID says it's going to be here the 8th which is Saturday will compare pics when I do receive it.

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