Regretful to break my word but I have to. USPS sucks

Whats up yall. Yes Im back. I never stopped ordering off MM I just stopped coming to the forum. At this point though I am returning here because one, I actually miss the forum and two I am having USPS issues like I am sure many others are. I ordered on the 31st (friday) and the label was made on Tuesday (the 4th) but ever since then there have been zero scans. ID always works for me so I know its a USPS problem. I really hate that politics is messing with people's mail. Its annoying and the people don't deserve that. Some people get life saving medicine in the mail. Is there anyone else on the east coast that is having similar issues with orders around the same time? There is weather issues on the east side so It could be that as well as the reported USPS slow down. I hope it gets here soon.

Blessings to all



  • Remember to "keep sweet" MJLover. 30

  • @BigOtis can I at least talk shit about USPS lol

  • US postmaster general tells postal workers to leave mail behind if it slows down their route.. . . The US Postal Service's new postmaster general has established new cost-saving policies that could slow down mail service. . . . Mail carriers are being told to leave mail behind at distribution centers rather than taking late trips, extra trips, or logging overtime. . .
    THAT is why your weed is late.

  • so then what changed that made them make up these new rules ? Sounds like some political moves to me. I don't even give af anymore. I just want my damn weed legit it's all I care about right now. After the label was made there is zero movement and that's unusual. Both loud and mama would have sent it out by now. It's definitely USPS either not scanning or simply like you wrote they are leaving things behind which is some BS for sure. I don't understand how that saves them costs ? Wouldn't making more trips end up being more costly? smh, I pray that it arrives soon. Its my fault in the end I got lazy and didn't order ahead. SMH learn from my mistake yall and if you are running low order early and order extra because you never know when the weed will arrive these days.

  • My friends.... GOD IS GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just checked ID for like the 300th time and it finally updated. I knew it was a USPS problem. It should be here on saturday according to ID. Thank God. Legit even though its not coming tomorrow I don't even care. At least I got an update. Fuck ive been under so much stress lately and I haven't had bud. I feel like im on deaths door.

  • I'm sure you'll survive. . .

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    MedMan needs to offer a strain that enhances PATIENCE.......

  • @Good2Go but how long does it take to get here??!!

  • @maryjanelover11 Welcome back man! Who did you order from? And yes I think we all can agree the only time USPS doesn't suck is when they've delivered your package in a timely manner.

  • Go ahead and bash the Postal Service...but remember it's the horse that brings you your goodies......not good to beat the horse you have to ride.....

  • If kevin costner brought me some mothers milk on horseback outta leather satchel that would be dope as hell, long live the usps

  • @maryjanelover11 I'm in the same boat! I put my order in on the 28th and haven't gotten it yet. On the east coast too.

  • Mine arrived 😁 Thank you MM and MB!!!!!!!

  • @sophie024 I ordered 2 days after you so the time makes sense. MM is proper they ship on time. Any shipping issues is guaranteed to be USPS

  • @Brandon2k20 Thanks dude, USPS is not bad but recently its been going downhill. Hopefully it will recover and do well again. I ordered on friday

  • @Rockafire send medical aid !! im kushlesssss

  • OMG idk what i'd do if i ran out completely, big yikes. good luck!!

    would help ya out if you were in Houston lol MAN i hope nobody else has any snags or issues but you already know that w/ this covid shit ain't nothing returning to normal anytime real soon

  • @v32Finish Im quite aways from Houston but I appreciate the gesture. It should be here saturday according to ID but I have that (hopeful) feeling that it will come tomorrow instead. Its been over 16 hours since it left the origin facility. They fly it out to the east coast so it should be here if all goes well but with the weather, covid and politics it could come saturday. But yes I messed up i should have just grabbed more and earlier.

  • hey no worries, it happens sometimes.. and about 2 orders ago i had one that showed ID as coming on Saturday, it came not one day earlier but 2 and showed up thurs.. others have been a day late.. who knows anymore lol

  • @v32Finish About 2 weeks ago I had a loud order come in 2 days. I'm not joking 2 days. I Ordered on a thursday it went out on a sunday night and it got here tuesday morning. I was shocked. I happened to be standing outside when the mail lady came and i was going to say hi to her and then I saw her pulling out the package and I was like seriously dang that was fast. I was so happy lol because I only had like .5 left and the original ID said it would be arriving Thursday. It arrived 2 days early all the way from Seattle. I knew I shouldn't get used to it though lol. Could you imagine if it was like that each delivery. It would be amazing.

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    I ordered Master Kush 2 weeks ago exactly and ID has stayed in pre-ship until says my package went from Seattle to Honolulu, HI distribution center. Left this afternoon hopefully on it’s way to the East 🤷🏼

  • @superman38NC dang thats a long wait. I hope you get your package soon as well

  • @maryjanelover11 its almost’s just an 1/8th and I’m stocked up think goodness..most of my packages are taking a couple weeks..I’ve had a couple that didn’t change status till right at the 2 week mark..testing my patience lol

  • I placed a order On the weekend and shipping label was created a day after and it’s is still sitting there haven’t moved. So annoying to see no change in the status and just be waiting for it

  • My last package went straight from label created to delivered (several days later). No updates at all and I am on the east coast. Informed delivery must have caught the virus.

  • @superman38NC I know it legit sucks to be kushless. I'm going to stock up in the future for sure

  • @Thatguy Yeah ID is on wack recently

  • I get mine within a week and I’m in the south. Don’t understand how it can go right by where ur from and make here here in 6 days but takes that long to get to u. I’ve got all orders like clockwork within a week but 1 and it was a reship. They left it in front of my door yesterday and I prob woulda been tripping if I seen her walking up here thinking she was gonna ask me to sign for it lol.

  • I have never had a issue getting packages to SE GA. loud and mama both up until this last mama order I was same 6/7 days clockwork.

  • Package came. All i gotta say is loudnco is the absolute best. I legit love loud.

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