Regretful to break my word but I have to. USPS sucks



  • @Bobn218 If GA is georgia whats SE?

  • South east.?

  • Yes sir @MizterNiceGuy South East

  • Package has been on pre shipment for a week now, and I just ran out of flower so not going to be a fun work week

  • I always found your feedback quick and helpful ! I was wondering where u went ! Glad your back ❤️

  • Where is @rasta0458 i haven’t seen him post lately or maybe I’m reading less (I’ve been busy with school 😫 5 more classes and I’ll have my BSCJ ❤️)

  • CJ =Criminal Justice .R U gonna be a pig,Cutie ? 30

  • I saw that but I’m hoping lawyer lol! Bad time to be a pig right now. Couldn’t pay me enough especially in big cities.

  • @WDEgkj you ain’t kidding. My nephew got called up to go to police academy in NY, he told them call me next time for next class. I’m glad he passed it up for now!

  • I went HS with like 4 cops in my city. They are good guys. Small town and that’s how it is. I still wouldn’t wanna get pulled over by any of em if I had just a joint though lol! Still couldn’t pay me enough to be 1 anywhere right now. There’s prob cops on here that order shit lmao! Be the best way to do it. No1 sees u buying shit. There’s been cop here get caught doing worse than smoking weed and still keep their jobs so I don’t think they would fire any for smoking weed right now because they might all walk out and say fuck it

  • My apologies Cutie for the inappropriate comment on your future career choices .
    Hope you don't fall for CeCe Moores genetic genealogy hocus pocus though,it makes an interesting TV show.

  • Lol @BigOtis oh no no no no way (in darla voice from little rascals) I actually am specializing in Juvenile Offender Rehabilitation. I personally want to be a youth counselor or probation officer within the court system. I want to make a difference with children before they get to old and caught in this horrible system we call our “Justice” system. Cops have a tough job just not a job for me. It’s the reputation of racism that veers me away from that type of career. As a Strong opinionated African-American Queen 👸🏾 I just don’t feel that type of position would fit my pissy ass 💅🏾 It just sucks that with police there really are good police officers that want to do right, but because of the acts of others the reputation of how police treat minorities it is just not a career for me. I know I will work with them especially if I become a Juvenile counselor or probation officer. Just hope to build strong relationships within the community to actually make a difference

  • @suchacutie89 that is so admirable and a noble thing to do, I think so many ppl float thru life and alot of them (myself included, at least earlier in life) never ask the question "How can I make a difference?'

    I spent alot of time in our "justice system" and I have mixed feelings (what else is new . Haha) but I just wanted to say I think it's really cool what you're doing 🙂

    (Btw it's driving me CRAZY not knowing about this Mother's milk & whether I'm gonna be OK with what shows up 🤣 .. I'm glad yours was OK! bummed for those who got the "bottom of the barrel". but either way, no worries !!! I just got the label for my other Mama order but still no label from Loud yet ☺️ )

  • Just an fyi on postal times right now. Buddy had package come from cali. Expected delivery date was 8-11. Just came today

  • Yep, my ATF arrived at regional hub on Friday night. Was supposed to arrive today, but for some reason it got routed to hub 50 miles from here instead of the local post office. Maybe tomorrow. . .

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