Medical Jane

Don't know way Medical Jane is offering mostly cbd . And then as jack at a premium price . Has anyone rec'd anything from this shipper .


  • Im receiving the Jack maybe Monday idk their shipping took so long im pretty dissapointed in it tbh

  • I started to order the jack . And then dicided to wait on lound to add new product. Looks like since there a new shipper they would be on top of getting items out the door. Asap

  • Doesnt it seem like it to me. I was pretty dissapointed by that because they are capped at 10 orders a day

  • The Jack Herer is considered premium.

  • They were pulled from the site lol

  • Yeah, took me awhile to catch up. lol

  • Ever hear Another bites the dust by queen played backwards ? ITS TIME TO SMOKE MARIJUANA!

  • What a shit show. Hope @BMan and anyone else receives the only the finest herb to make up for this

  • I rec'd the bs from the 3rd shipper called jack h . Never saw such trash in my life . Am not going to even complain . It's not louds fault our medmomas so am just going to take the loss . Trashed it am done with anyone except loud and med MoMA .and a 3rd shipper would be nice just not one that's going to rip people off . I remember the shipper from orgen they where top notch . Always premo that's what we need one like them hopefully that will happen soon . Cause items are getting sold out to fast . And sometimes I have to wait on getting paid before I oder and it's not there anymore very disappointing

  • @Tac contact @medboy or MM. They will replace it with something different. I got the same trash and they are making it right for me.

  • Ok . I know they will make it right they have been so good to me in the past and present I can't say enough good words about them . Best ppl you will ever do anytype of business with. Just don't feel they should take the lose for a problem shipper. I will cantact tho thanks for ur reply

  • @Tac yes they are replacing mine TRASH from that new shipper I see they cut ties with hopefully (πŸ‘πŸ‘) with some Premium Alaskan Thunderfuck! Good thing is we paid premium price so we get premium replacement or something of equal value πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • edited August 2020

    I got scammed $140 out of Alaskan Thunderfuckon some other website before. I learned my lesson. I never knew it would make it here and i cant even buy it. Such bullshit

  • @BMan if you're not satisfied with your order, please write to me through our contact form.

  • @medboy No no i was talking about a time i went through a website that was not this one. It was my first and ONLY time ever being scammed. Lol sorry

  • @BMan I think he’s talking about your trash ass orangic jack herer.

  • @Loudpack1022 I already got it replaced with Cherry AK, but i want Alaskan Thunderfuck now insteadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • may be a blessing in disguise @BMan .. i got a feeling about that cherry AK :joy: but yeah man i thought about that when i saw the new stuff when i was at work

  • @v32Finish I think it will be tbh the THC levels arent any different and plus it smells like cherry so i know i will like it.

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