Organic Jack Herer Medical Jane REVIEW

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Do not buy this. Anyway going on i received my package in reflective mylar after finally waiting a week for it. The weed is stemmy and has leaves on it and looks like cheap mexican and i dont even want to smoke it. Here is your pic



  • For a premium price this is beyond dissapointing. I definitely will be contacting medboy through the contact page because this is not right. Jane is ripping people off and this looks NOTHING like the picture.

  • This is TERRIBLE

  • Also NO freebie

  • Way am so glad I didn't order from this shipper I was so close and back out. Loud is the only one that's getting my business medmoma as been good to me in the past been a while tho . I will have to see some good reviews before no can with anyone expect lound . Look like they need to get shout of this new shipper

  • It taste so burnt too omg i think it might be CBD

  • Wow. Incredibly disappointed. How did this person make it through the vetting process?

  • @BCWESLEY This is reggie LOL i wouldnt even buy this if i was in highschool

  • Wowwwwwwww

  • FOR ANYONE THAT HAS BEEN HERE LONG ENOUGH TO KNOW this is worse than the Greenhouse Fruity Pebbles. And its NOT even close. Ok im done ranting everyone you are warned.

  • Thanks for the warning!

  • Did it say Organic Jack Herer on the bag or was it just in that food saver bag? Maybe the wrong strain was sent.

  • @buds No label on the bag at all lol

  • @buds Probably was, but thats a pretty insane mistake to make. Shouldnt the organic Jack look VERY different from this garbage? Lol its all sus, but im sure medboy will get it right

  • To be honest you can tell its not the best quality right from the pictures they have posted. It all looks like shwag. not hating just saying my opinion. im sure they have some good strains too maybe

  • loudnco has the best strains. 19/19 strains I grabbed from them has been top shelf fire. trust me go with loud. mama has good bud too

  • Wow. Worse than Greenhouse Fruity Pebbles?? Ouch..
    It does look like good OUTDOOR. Thick stems and leafy.

  • Its not even weed its CBD. I just got a sample bud from Medmama that was labled Harle tsu which is CBD and they smell the same. Lol such a sad start for a shipper @MizterNiceGuy

  • @BMan that sucks. I'm glad I didn't get into it. The only thing that kept me from buying this Jack Herer was in it's description. Most Jack Herer( like my 1/4 I have from Loud) has a fruity skunk smell/taste. In MJ's description it's "pine and trees". 🤨🤔

  • Dang! I have some coming my way. That's extremely disappointing. I'll update and let you know if mine looks the same...

  • @MizterNiceGuy THOUGHT THE SAME THING TOO! Idk why i did it though. My impulse is terrible sometimes and it always gets me in trouble on here. You live and you learn i guess

  • @Vices919 I hope you get a suprise man! I feel really bad i hope mine was just a mistake or something. Definitely let me know. Mine literally had no smell at all if anything it smelled like chocolate LOL

  • Thank god my diamonds came from Medmama today and they were subbed with Jack Herer which works out. So im fucking trashed right now :)

  • Ugh that is embarrassing!! Sorry we vetted this shipper and they sent us some nice nugs so we thought we'd give them a try. Apparently their quality control is not up to par. We have yanked them from the site. If you received this strain please write and we will replace with something good. Sorry!! :-(

  • That looks like trash, some high school mids, And hearing it’s worse the green house FP is scary I gave that shit away when I had it was so bad.
    Sorry about that man the last new shipper did the same thing sent everyone trash. I’ll just stick with MM and loud unless multiple people say it’s safe to order from Any new provider

  • Dont we all miss when we had a 3rd, medicine love that retired like a year and half or so ago. Wish they would come back

  • @medman i contacted you today, thanks for trying to make it right. Mistakes happen and i will always love this site

  • That’s a bummer! I’m sure it’s hard to find shippers as it is...seems like the volume on the site has gone way up since covid..sorry @medman @medboy. I didn’t personally order from either medical Jane or emerald buds..Loud and Mama have set the bar high.

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