Organic Jack Herer Medical Jane REVIEW



  • @BMan Jesus sorry for the time & money that was wasted. If you're capped at 10 orders, then stuff like this is unacceptable if you were sent the wrong order. But it looks like others got the same. How the fuck can one sleep at night sending this??

  • Yeah I actually feel bad for medman and medboy. They wind up loosing money time and i am sure a few customers. And the new shipper walks with thousands.

  • Another one bites the dust!

  • Two down. It would be great if they could find a reliable third shipper. Medicine Love was great, although I never ordered a lot from them.

  • @TheProfessor I didn't know there used to be a good 3rd shipper.. i have only seen this most recent fiasco, but i HEARD of another shipper doing the same thing... what was it like to have a reliable 3rd? lol. did they have good stuff? could u imagine there was a 3rd shipper that was on the same level of quality as loud and selection as mama? :yum:

  • Yeah we really miss Med Love right now!

  • Med Love always had a nice selection. Ultimately left for medical reasons I understood.
    Their products were definitely on par.

    @v32Finish I would have to disagree with you assertions about Loud n Co and Med. Mama. After pounds of flower from both, I have found all their products and services to be of excellent quality. To be sure, there have been times where each have struggled with shipping times/service...but good, reliable help is sometimes hard to find. Besides the "Fruity Pebbles" incident (which did not affect me) I've never read of any serious quality issues. They both have had large and small selections at times, depending on season (or week), and both provide incredible quality Premium, Indoor, Greenhouse, and Outdoor cannabis. I probably still have 8-9 different strains from Medicineman, and without some serious thinking (and maybe with), I couldn't tell you whether I ordered them from Loud n Co or Med Mama...they're all top quality! I've yet to get an outdoor strain (or any strain for that matter) from either shipper that didn't put the best medical cannabis in my state to shame.

  • i think maybe there was a misunderstanding, I never implied that i had got anything but high quality from both Loud & med mama, i was just saying it would be crazy if there was another shipper that was as good as the both of them... yeah i have been really happy with both of them & incredibly thankful!

    as someone else has said before, they set the bar high. sorry if I seemed to imply otherwise.. no assertions made in that regard.. lol . i had just heard that there used to be a 3rd shipper and i was just imagining that

  • @v32Finish yes, Medicineman sets a pretty high bar as to the shippers they have. Other than the occasional hiccup (of which I've never experienced) both provide top-notch medicine. I don't usually consider the "shipper" here when placing an order (unless it's a new shipper, of course,...and I'm no guinea pig). I'm sure that with apparent demand, they're eager to vet and employ a reliable third shipper. I hope that they can find one.

  • Shout out to @medman and @medboy they really handled this situation quickly and smooth! I really appreciate it ! Nothing but good experiences even with mishaps ! I’m loyal to this site PERIOD

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