Med mama gumdrops new recipe?

Just received gumdrops today and the 2 at the top were like flat rectangles, blue and yellow, completely different than what I'm used to. I'm excited and am about to try them but just curious about this ingredient change.


  • To me it seems like maybe they melted in transit. Could that be, you think?

  • i think we need more info , i got the impression he was saying that they were like a completely different/distinct product itself, but yeah i see either way being a possibility. i have not tried these yet

  • Was it a Jolly Chip? Only thing I know that is flattish. Ate a freebie gummy yesterday, edibles do nothing for me :disappointed:

  • So the colors and opacity are all different and they even seem stronger. When before they were like a more gelatinous sour patch kid or softer chuckles candy, now they are still gelatinous but laffy taffy opacity and colors (hot yellow and no seeing through this).

  • hmm.. interesting

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    I have some of her gumdrops that should be delivered tomorrow this makes me curious if I'll have some this way too.

  • Wow, I just had the cherry for the first time and they are incredibly yummy. Even if they didn't have any THC in it, I'd eat them.

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