Outdoor Dream Queen

First I'd like to say I have been using the site for over 3 years now and I love the service, never buy anywhere else and the buds are typically always hot fire. I recently ordered the outdoor dream queen and it was...disappointing to say the least. Had to re-order something much better as I don't even get a little buzz off it. If you are looking for a cheaper option on the site try anything but the outdoor dream queen.


  • Thanks for the review! I'll make sure the shipper sees it.

  • You can tell by looking at the picture it's not good . Quality dream queen will have a bublegum fruty smell to it and if you get the good you will no and love it . That's unusual from medmoma

  • Had to break out my bong for it not the best when I am used to a one hit and quit method. Smell is almost non existent too doesnt smell like anything really. I agre3 I usually order from med mama any thing I order is usually way beyond my expectations.

  • This strain looks exactly like the blue dream Greenhouse I bought “on sale.” (My original review defending another members complaint is in the post below titled “Trim”). Now that I am into it a week or more though, it is quite disappointing. The $30 I saved was eaten up by a few grams of shag I had to trim. I need to resist the temptation of getting deals or specials here I guess and stick with indoor only. Had the same issue with another greenhouse item from a different vendor a while back, so did a few other people. Ah well it’s only money right?

  • It's definitely not any quility control with it. Maybe a new shipper . Looks alot like just plan homegrown .

  • That’s why I stick to concentrates! Loud & co. And Med Mama. So far. Vapes are high but better if ya buy more. I make my own rosin so im used to high strength. The vapes are good for out and about in stealth mode...I have to admit a few people thought it was THC just cause I guess, but never bothered me...but anyone else who doesn’t do, doesn’t KNOW. As far as shatters etc...GOOD! I NEVER order flower. I like the most for the least. I can’t beat the prices unless I do the rosin thing myself. This site is the best! When I finally had the guts to wanna order, I was blessed to fine this site FIRST. Trusted them from day one and NEVER disappointed. EVER!

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