21 days... still no delivery.

21 days later... still nothing.


  • Wow. Makes me a tad worried when I’ll be contacting in the morning about a confirmation without a label.

  • Good luck. Watch out Medboy can be snarky.

  • I mean I got payment confirmation e mail from their side but never a label print show up on informed id. Nah that’s it unless you watch informed id

  • my order from medmama placed thursday and received today on the east coast way to go MM

  • Mine have been clock work until this one. I seriously think they completely over looked my order entirely. It’s a good thing to not be stuck in the Usps system though. @daCabbie yours in Usps hands?

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    Ya... @Ken_K there's no way to verify that....

    @Bobn218 I have no idea. I don't used Informed delivery.

  • Just opened my package got the strawberry cough looks and smells real good I'll try it later and see how it is

  • @MoonMan5 nah man you only get 2 emails from them: when you put in your order, you get the ORDER confirmation, then after paying you get your Payment confirmation.

    Anything beyond this, ppl are talking about ID (Informed Delivery.. http://informeddelivery.usps.com I think) ... I would also advise anyone who cannot use ID, to maybe try again, bc when I first signed up I was led to believe by USPS that I couldn't do ID . but after about 1-2 more attempts it just clicked and started working. Even tho I'm not sposed to have it.

    Anyway. Yeah if you got your payment confirmation then you're good and you should have something this week 🙀🤣

  • Unless its 21 days later...

  • oyy. i know right.. sucks. i'm sorry to hear that man. what strain were you waiting for ? that always kills me, lately ive heard a couple different people order something.. like someone was still waiting for the AFK .. that's been gone for weeks. hope they get ya sorted

  • 19 days on one of mine too lol. It was shipped back to the original shipping post office on like the 30th and hasn't moved since. Supposed to hit the contact form again tomorrow if it hasn't shown...which I know it's not lol.

  • yikes.. wonder if they'll send it out again and it'll show up at like the 1 month mark . lol. sucks..

  • had a package go missing 7/28. it showed up again 8/9 in macon, ga .

  • I ordered the 28th. Never showed a single thing. No label print not a single scan but ended up in SE GA today. Not even a scan at my box. Usps is super fucked.

  • @MoonMan5 yup. Nothing scanned from Cali to Georgia at all. No label print nada. Hell the mail lady dropped it on a second trip. I had already reached out to medboy and the wife let me know she came back with the package.

  • Yea that happens sometimes I’ve heard many people say that ID doesn’t work for them so they even use it. I know ID is inaccurate because one time it said my package was dropped at my P.O. Box at like 730pm but I had already picked up at 11am. Don’t completely rely on ID, however if it does get past the 10 business days I’d definitely been reaching out as well. Glad your order came ❤️

  • I almost emailed Medboy last night but glad I didn’t lol..3 weeks to the day for my order of Master Kush..it was sent to Hawaii for some reason..I’m on the East Coast 🤷🏼..it’s been in transit over a week..finally this morning it’s sitting at my local distribution center.. @daCabbie 🤞🏼Yours shows soon!

  • @daCabbie have you written to me about this through the comment form?

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