White cookies and Mother's milk w/pics

I second what a lot said about the Mother's Milk being premium. Bought a quarter and had a few decent buds but the rest looked like bottom of the bag and very stemmy. Haven't smoked either yet though.



The white cookies, on the other hand, looks and smells delicious




  • Just spilled it on the couch, so here's a better pic of the Mother's Milk lol.


  • @OneLove the white cookies looks outrageous!! Might have to go in for another order. I couldn’t decide the other day and ended up getting the cherry ak- 47.

  • @OneLove Appreciate the pics!! Waiting on white cookies & now I'm pumped.

  • Man I just realized that White Cookies is a cross of GSC X White Widow. (!!!) Idk why I would think it would be anything else, buuut.. man.i wish I ordered that instead of the Mother's Milk.

    I am gonna reserve my judgment until I get it, And actually have it in my hand.. but right now I am really a bit miffed that I went for the Mother's Milk bc it was written up as being my amazing, the picture looked amazing.. this is why the descriptions we are given are so important... :neutral:

    Anyways thanks for posting pics . I'm glad someone got the white cookies . I want to order some of that but I just can't justify buying more when I have 3 packages inbound :( but really sad I got the 🥛 milk instead of the 🍪 cookies.... )

  • @MoonMan5 You probably won't see a label if you signed up for informed delivery after you ordered. I ordered early Thursday afternoon and got mine today.

  • @v23Finish @ChunksEggo8187 @Rubygirl816 I'll update when I smoke this evening. I had to take some anxiety medicine earlier, so a hit off of any weed damn near puts me out. I think it would be unfair to judge lol

  • @MoonMan5 nah sorry brother , didn't mean to be unclear but yeah I still haven't received mine, so I am still hopeful! It seems like the bud may be actually quite decent and a few ppl just got stuck with the ass-end of the batch or something.

    Either way, not worried bout it. Mine says the 14th for delivery so I guess we'll see what the weekend brings!

    @OneLove no worries!! Totally understand how that goes lol

  • @OneLove No doubt, personally, I don't care about bag appeal. I care about the effects. Please let us know!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 The only time I care about bag appeal is when I'm paying the extra premium price for it. I don't expect a ton of stems and such BUT you can't win em all I guess lol. I've had much more happiness from this site than disappointment, I will say that 🤣. I'm sure it'll still smoke well

  • @OneLove no worries and no rush

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    For comparison sake here is my last little nug of indoor Mothers Milk mama offered from the same batch as @georgetirebiter ‘s review..very dense trich covered nugs..every batch is different but I was hoping the premium would top this..


  • @OneLove You probably don't remember because you got high...but I'm still waiting for your review of White Cookies. 😂

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