Premium Mother's Milk Review | An Exercise in Perspective (MedMama; w/ pics)

Okay, so .. there has been mixed reviews and much speculation as of late, regarding the most recent batch of Mother's Milk. Mine was scheduled to arrive on the 14th, but today switched over to let me know it was "out for delivery". It did finally arrive, today - at 7:00pm.

I was super curious to see what awaited me. I quit what I was doing and set myself up at my desk to open & inspect my package. I was slightly sketched out at first because it arrived in one of those soft-ish kind of .. half-box, half-envelope type things, as opposed to a cardboard box. A first for me. No big deal. Upon opening it, it was packaged immaculately, double & triple vaccum packed within a mylar bag. For reference, I ordered an 8th of the Mother's Milk and a +1gram add-on, which I believe I left to their discretion and listed a few options i liked, incl. Gelato and others. The +1 ended up being (indoor?)Blueberry Muffin. stoked. thought i missed it. happiness. I asked for a bud sample, for my freebie, and this was the first time I actually was obliged on this request, from either shipper. and they still included a gummy. The sample nug was Premium Cherry AK. stoked again. thought i missed it/passed on it.

so as you can see, my whole experience is kind of colored before i even get to the Mother's Milk (the main strain of the order), as I'm pretty happy with everything else that came with it. I still went into it with the intent of remaining objective. And right away, I could tell this was going to be a kind of... matter of perspective thing.

You'll see with the pics i'm about to include that there's 2 sides to every story. in the first pic, you can see that it's kinda small buds, kinda stemmy, and doesn't look fantastic.. right off the bat, i was kinda "ehhh" but still curious and opened it up further . upon closer inspection, and with the smell igniting some kinda of familiarity in my brain, (and quite a nice, complex, half-funky-sweet smell) .. the nugs actually don't look bad. they seem to be fairly resinous and while they're not iced out, they definitely have a soft crystalline dusting of trichomes coating their surface. (see the other pics, and let me know if the pics are working. lol)

The smell is not particularly much stronger when breaking up the bud, but it's pleasant, and it's a pleasant smoke.. it's kinda dry and still not too too harsh, so I have high hopes for these buds in the jar . The high is decidedly hybrid to my feel, it's relaxing and psychoactive, with what I could only describe as a kind of a sativa "bite" or edge to it.

Overall, I was very, very happy with this order. I think it's interesting to compare notes and I'm glad to have this forum & this service at all.. I do think there's an argument to be made about this as a premium, but if nothing else, it's borderline bc it's still good, if not stellar. there were still a couple buds maybe near .8-1.0g and the rest small bowl-size nugs etc. but yeah, either way, I think you can see that this strain lies somewhat in gray area, but I did think it was only right to come and let everyone know that my experience was pretty solidly positive w/ this one.

please let me know what you think, if you got this strain & haven't reported in yet.. hope the pics are good & they work.. for now, have a good evening!

-The first glance

-The closer look


  • That bud don’t look too bad to me!

  • I tried to take a couple shots in kind of different lighting.. but yeah, it definitely isn't 'bad'. This bud in my hand was the largest bud of all of em

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    Thx @v32Finish!..great review. I received my order from Mama today too.I received 3 1/8ths (Mother’s Milk, 🍒 AK, and Sunset Sherbert) and a sample of strawberry cough as requested...equally as pleased!

    In regards to mothers milk what I received looks very similar to yours..I’m happy with the quality of appearance and aroma..consistent with last batch..I haven’t smoked it yet..but I imagine it will be excellent..instead I went straight for the SS..💥🔥🥴

  • @v32Finish Appreciate the review & pics! Its always nice to hear different perspectives.

  • That Mother's Milk looks great😒🙄. If you got less than a 1/4 , chances are your buds will be smaller.

  • My buds looked like yours!! Small buds but nice smoke. Good daytime strain.

  • @v32Finish How was the Cherry AK? Im getting that tomorrow

  • Good review those pics look like the ones we saw on the website. I do see where the appeal looks bad, but if you really look at it. Its not bad

  • It is some pretty good smoke. I was just bummed that it was so stemmy. I had close to 2g of just stems and shake. If I pay premium price then I should get the best! I ordered 1/4 and it shouldn’t matter if u order a g or Oz. I’m not gonna complain anymore because I do got something to smoke. The herb guard with humidity packs makes it a lot better. Mine has a lot of color but no white like in ur pics. I’m thinking about trying some outdoor for a little cheaper. I mean back in the day we was paying premium for brick weed and there’s more meth where I live than weed. It’s very hard to find and that’s why I use this site.

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    Here’s what mine looks like

  • @liarliar03 it’s confusing me at why 2 or 3 look so diff? Not just saying the size of the buds but the colors.

  • Here's another exercise in perspective. About 30 years ago when I started smoking cannabis, the one choice you had was $25 for an 1/8th of shake, stems and seeds that looked like someone found it in a barn after sitting there for 50 years.

    I wish I had pics of that shit. My roommate bought 10 pounds of that garbage right before I moved out. I guess the good thing is that it would never go bad because it was so bad to begin with.

  • @Sixwaychili yes lmao!! From the time I first started until about 10yrs ago that’s all we could find. We had to go to college towns and we called it kind bud. $120 a 1/4 and we paid it everytime we seen it. Would bring it back and ppl would say way do I wanna pay that much when I can get a Oz or more for 120?! Now u can’t give away dirt weed. I haven’t seen any like that in years! Stems and seeds! I haven’t seen but a couple seeds in a while

  • I started in the 60's 1 finger for 5$...2 Fingers for 10$ and 4 finger Oz for 20$.... there was one guy with one strain take it or leave it

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    I live in a big city so when I was growing up in the 90s, there was always dirt weed ("shwagg" or "Reggie Bush" amongst my circle-- lol) and good bud ("KB" or kine bud was like .. the lower end of the good bud, 40/eighth or so. And then, the regular object of our affection: "Dro." Regular avg-to-good was 50/eighth, the high end-ish stuff was 60/110, and once in a blue moon there would be something so so strong or amazing that nobody would go less than $20/gram, all the way up. Seen sold many $560 ounces )

    Anyway. Haha. Reminiscing a little. Definitely more to choose from nowadays 😉

  • @WDEgkj i just saw your comment and i DID notice there was a variation in color btwn some of the photos. idk if that's lighting or just a different part of the batch/different plant etc that may actually be a difference in color. interesting anyways

  • I got mine it’s an amazing smoke but have a lot of stems and no decent size nugs. Almost want to say something since I have about 2g of stems out of my 1/4 and my re-up order has been MIA so trying to make this last I don’t think I’ll be getting my loud order anytime soon haven’t moved since the 5th

  • Yeah. upon dumping this bag out and really having a heart-to-heart with myself last night .. (that sounds weird) .. yeah. i didn't think mine was "that stemmy" but after cleaning it and re-assessing.. i do have a big ass pile of stems that came from this bag... and mine was just an 8th... and mine "wasn't even that bad" .

    so .. yeah. the quality itself is not the problem here; they could have done themselves a huge favor by just cleaning this bud..

    but anyway, I tend to lean more on the positive side and try to give the benefit of the doubt. but even w.that being said. my final verdict is - this should have been Indoor, not premium, OR it should've been totally cleaned first. but it's borderline so i think it's not a huge deal. i'm over it. i was really happy with my order overall but def. feel for others

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