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  • I don't remember specifically ever having White Rhino before. I may have, in days past . But doesn't jump out at me.

    How is the scent/flavor/high different from widow?

    I literally just ordered so much stuff that I just can't order it, but I just re-read the descriptions and it pains me a bit to read the line "it will make any connoisseur Drool" 🤣

  • @liarliar03 Been waiting for anything diesel to come on here and I missed it too bro

  • Ughhh that sucks man, i even thought about yall who have been asking for Diesel too when i saw it

  • Bubba, Fruit Loops, Green Goddess, & Sunset Sherbet. 2zip each. Stocked. Taking a break from here after reviews .

  • 2zips each ?! Wow, def. stocked. 🤣 I'm also contemplating the theory of this "break" that you speak of

  • @MizterNiceGuy nice order! I’m feeling the same. Taking a little break from ordering as I’m probably getting a little obsessive myself. I think I have at least 15 strains, and maybe 6-7 oz total. I’m set for awhile!

  • Ahhh! Now I know who's buying everything up! 😂
    But wow, some of yall are stocked up!!

  • no kidding! lol, jk, jk. glad yall are set up. looking forward to seeing if i got the OD sunset , thats my next order thats due up. this MAC and ATF did exactly what i needed, which was to reply my supply of the "banger" / really good stuff. which, before. . the premium SS from Loud was my best bud.. now it's reduced to a little tiny bud, enough for 1 last dance (probably 2 bowls lol)

    anyways.. very curious to see if i got it, or if it got subbed due to waiting to order til RIGHT before it came off the menu.. real curious to see reviews on Fruit Loops, Green Goddess, White Rhino, Gelato#41 (.. i MAY break down & order one more of these strains - out of these 4, if you could only pick 1 to try an eighth, which are you picking? :sunglasses: )

  • @TheProfessor I've got about 14 strains at the moment with 3 new on the way. All for me. I love cannabis. My " break" hopefully means once orders arrive, I'll take atleast a month break before buying another zip. Only shop in zip form or more so I've amassed a nice stockpile.

    @ChunksEggo8187 I don't buy everything up! I miss out often as well (Strawberry Diesel😢etc). Think of it as, I heavily invest so that MM can bring us newer, better strains faster. Lol

  • @MizterNiceGuy hahaha! Its all good man, I'm happy you're stocked up.

  • edited August 2020

    I'll share(digitally)the stash with you all once it's here. Pics/reviews. Got over a week's worth of reviewing soon

    Gelato 41 @v32Finish . I'd go for that. It's the only strain right now that I didn't get (and still available)that's got my eye.

    Edit.- Gelato is gone so next out of your 4 @v32Finish would be Green Goddess...

  • @MizterNiceGuy That's exactly the break I'm taking! I've also done some investing and am set for at least the near future with no wants or worries. I just mentioned "quantity" in another post. Buy 1-2oz of each at a time (I often do 2oz splits). It costs more up front, but in the long run, I get much better value (pricing), and have built up quite a variety, albeit over time. A game changer for me was getting my Medical Card two months ago. It hasn't changed how I buy here, if anything, it's made me bolder! The quality here is still better, but our local midwest growers are improving. We seem to have similar philosophies about our cannabis. :wink:

  • @MizterNiceGuy OK, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking at the Discount Green Hindu Kush. First, it's discount...$$$! Second, I'm pretty sure that there's no such thing as "Green" Hindu Kush. There is Hindu Kush...which is an absolutely fantastic pure indica! I've purchased it several times here. 10-1 it was supposed to read "Greenhouse" Hindu Kush. See the Discount Greenhouse BTY. Hindu Kush is favorite classic and I do love a we go again.

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