New strains

Would like to hear peoples thoughts .. wasn't expecting an update to the menu this soon.. lots of interesting stuff including Ice Cream Cake, Fruit Loops (indoor) , Premium Gelato 41 (omg this looks crazed) .. lots and lots of new stuff man o_O



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    Premium White Rhino and Premium Ice Cream Cake sound amazing. It's a bit annoying that they have the same pic for the two of them.

    Indoor Strawberry Diesel also sounds amazing.

  • I know, right?!

    Of everything that's up there, I'm most interested in those 2, the Gelato, GDP, and the BSC. (is BSC a cross of GSC x ???? OG or something? i don't know ive ever heard of this before and leafly doesn't say. altho i didn't dig very much) >

  • MAN there's so much good stuff up right now i forgot about the strawberry diesel

  • Look at how purple the Greenhouse Ice Cream Cake is!

  • i know!!! that and the Gelato IMO are the craziest looking . (and i bet they're both good too.. not just looks)

  • What !! Let me go look 😩

  • Why is this sight doing this to me right now 😩😩😩 welp let me go place another order 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • LOL @suchacutie89 i actually thought of you when they added a bunch of new stuff. bc my reaction was the same "whyyyyyyeeeeee" lol

  • ...just placed another order :disappointed: :joy:

  • @v32Finish Thank you sir! I like to check the forums for new posts & saw yours. many choices with so little money. Couldn't help myself & grabbed some Strawberry Diesel.

  • Some very nice strains, but I'll just be watching though. We're well stocked and happy! Although, I'll admit that we just made a run to the Med. dispensary (now open on Sunday here!) for some Garlic Cookies that just came in. I'd read a lot about this infamous strain and just had to get some before it disappeared. Wow! 36.3%! The quality of the med. cannabis here in OH has improved dramatically, but overall, Medicineman's products have always been better...and generally cheaper.

  • I'm guessing thats why we barely hear from @georgetirebiter if Ohio is stepping it up finally

  • man that's realllly a tough one.. but... Loud premiums have been super lit lately and i think Ice Cream Cake is something to look out for. ( a cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato, for some reason my eyes are on this strain) . Another one that I think i personally didn't want to sleep on is the Strawberry Diesel.. i like good sativa/sativa hybrids.. but man it's really hard to tell sometimes when there's alot .. from both shippers too.. the Gelato 41 from mama looks amazing as well

    those are just my first impressions bc i know i left off alot .. it's hard to say really @MoonMan5 depends also what you prefer or are interested in

  • @TheProfessor maybe I’ll have to get my medical card🤔

  • Couldnt afford Gelato #41 which is fine i guess, thats by far the best strain on there though i just have been eh with Medmama lately

  • I went with the 2gram/4 sample pack With Loud 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😫😫😫😂😂

  • @BMan me too ! Which is why I haven’t placed an order today. I may when they drop there next batch but right now I’m just for LoudCo

  • Went back and forth will all the new strains but decided on Gelato 41..still have some of the’s excellent. Love how dense and colorful the 41 appears to be..reminds me of the Violet Vixen I just finished up..can’t wait for that to come back around

  • I gotten to try Ice Cream Cake from the dispensaries in Michigan and it is one bomb strain. When I went I picked up 8 strains and it was top 2 for sure. Stoked to see it on the menu.

  • Well the one I would’ve wanted the most, strawberry diesel, is somehow already gone. Geeeez talking about moving fast. But still great options available

  • @MizterNiceGuy that just doesn’t seem like GTB. He is quite the connoisseur and really liked variety and value here...I didn’t see him leaving here without a reason. I do hope that he is well and makes it back here.

  • @Theboyua Gone in 3 hrs...I was able to at least grab an 1/8.

  • Yeah I never even saw it. I Like any strain with “diesel” in the name. Really like this one. Oh well I guess I’ll settle settle for galactic Jack and granddaddy purple. Poor me right?

  • I split my 1/2 of the Strawberry Diesel with GDP. No matter how good a strain is i always get tired of it. I like to keep variety

  • Hahaha! I know right? We're spoiled.

  • Of course white rhino, probably my fav old school strain, finally cones to the site and i am broke as a joke till the 21st due to car repairs. F my life. 😂

  • I’ve been waiting for nyc diesel to come on here for a while, I’m bummed that I missed the strawberry diesel too, oh well, that greenhouse ice cream cake looks intriguing

  • Random thought/?..Anyone that grows remember when Greenhouse Seeds used to sell pick n mix packs of seeds with a unique color coating on the seed? That’s how I was introduced to Super Lemon Haze..White Rhino was part of my mix but the seed didn’t sprout..

  • White rhino was fun to grow. Dont memba berry them. But partridge farms does, who the seeds were from sensi or dr chronic but i loved my rhino girls.

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