What the hell is it?

I got my order in today from MedMama.

I specifically asked for a freebie joint as the edibles they have sent in the past do absolutely nothing for me. So imagine my slight disappointment when I pull out... a sealed reddish/brown melted blob.

It isn't labeled. I have no idea what it is. Is it a melted gummy? No, I have had those before and this is a flab blob. Is it a chip of some kind? A topical creme?

For sure, it is melted, so it is in the refrigerator. But do I eat it? Do I smoke it? Add it to a joint? Rub it on an ache?

I may post a picture later if I get a chance.


  • curious about this. i think i got the same thing. it looks like a gummy, but... different. it's orange, vac sealed all by itself, and it reminds me of a piece of smoked salmon you buy at the grocery store. kinda looks like that.

  • also no idea what it is LOL

  • I got a blue one! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • It sounds like the same thing.

    @medboy - Give us a clue. :wink:

  • At least you got a freebie lol

  • probably a melted gummy, i got one too ate it and got a buzz

  • @whatever1956 - I've had melted gummys in the past, this is not a gummy. There isn't enough mass for this to be a gummy. It could be a shatter chip, but I still don't know what to do with it.

  • I got same on my last order it looks like a smashed down gummy bear , its not shatter its too soft

  • Yes I notice that every time I ask Loud for a freebie they send EXACTLY what I ask for. MM is hit or miss, I personally don’t do edible gummies at all they do nothing for me and I don’t like the taste. I ask for freebies they usually send the gummy and I’ll give to my mom

  • After a day in the refrigerator, I am now thinking this is a mashed, melted gummy. It is springy like a gummy, just not very thick.

  • I got a brown 1 but it said gumdrop and that’s what I asked for but I put it in the freezer and ate it the next day. I thought it was pretty good. I mean it’s free and their not gonna give u anything that will hurt u. Just THC or cbd.

  • It was a gummy. And it didn't do anything for me. At least I know that I wont need to bother ordering any in the future.

  • I request "No freebee's"please .
    that way I avoid disappointment and
    I don't have to smoke dried out schwag or eat an ineffective gummy. 30

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    @BigOtis you're missing out in my opinion. I love the bud samples and joints. I've gotten a premium mimosa bud, an indoor bubba kush bud and a MAC joint.

  • I like the freebies. They could stop with them altogether, though, and it wouldn't phase me at all. Times are tight at the moment, I get it.

    I say "thanks for the freebie."

  • Lick it before you light it

  • How do you know what strain the freebie joint is?

  • Mine is always labeled in its own little bag. I got some dirty girl last time. I always request a gumdrop and they usually send 1. I like the gumdrops and it’s free. I’ll smoke or eat anything they send for free

  • @BigOtis I understand the sentiment but i also agree with @Sixwaychili - i don't always receive it, i would say maybe 50% since i started asking specifically for either a sample nug or pre-roll . . and just off the top of my head, i've gotten XJ-13 joints twice, cherry AK sample bud, bubba sample bud, Lodi pre-roll . . i definitely appreciate the shit out of the freebies as I understand what @justaguy is sayin too. gotta appreciate it; even moreso in times like these.

  • I don’t mesh well with edibles. But the best freebie I ever got was I think wax. It was in a small rubber container and was really crumbly and was easy to squish between your fingers. But man I would take a tiny little bit of that and put it in the middle of a bowl and it would just take me to new places.

  • i am happy to get any freebie...we should never complain when it cost us nothing....you can send yours to me if you don't want them...

  • Make sure to tell them what you want as a freebie. Im a little assertive in the comments, but im paying way over street price so i would expect some sort of freebie. I just say Joint only freebie and thats it. Either i get a joint or nothing. I stopped getting my hopes up for them especially from Medmama. Last joint i got was pure CBD

  • My brother received the same thought it was shatter he lit his rig and smoked it..said it taste sweet probably hard candy or gummy

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