I remember not to long ago you didn't have to worry about getting ur order in quck. The product would be there now it's like you have to order when it first appers are ur not going to get it. Alot more members now alot more demend . The desel strain that was just on menu last time was about 4 r 5 months ago . It was some killer shit . Whish I could have got my order in . If it's anything like last time ppl that rec'd are going be very high . God bless ever one on this site. Medboy . Medmoma thanks for ur service don't realize how meny ppl y'all have helped.


  • Never heard of strawberry diesel but I'm glad I (hopefully) got my order in time to grab at least an 8th .. interesting point of view @Winston I am one of the newcomers so it's always interesting to hear about the older days

  • I feel you Bro been here since 2015 and now I stalk the site ready to pounce. Missed afew like Northern Light which was gone in 60 seconds LOL

  • 60 sec?!?! Lol wow..

    I think the fastest I've seen was either the Widow, this Strawberry Diesel, or maybe the strawberry Cough . But all those lasted maybe 30 mins to an hour.

    I think the LAST time fruit loops was up, it was fast like that. (I never even saw it).

    Like you said.. gotta be ready to pounce!!!lol

  • Pro tip: have your Bitcoin already purchased and confirmed in your wallet, ready to send. That way you can do the quick pounce.

  • @medboy Coming thru with the knowledge!! Haha!! I hadn't thought of that.. that's definitely shaving a step off .. i have been pretty quick to the party lately but i've also missed some pretty crucial ones :/

  • edited August 2020

    That Northern Lights literally lasted maybe 30 minutes tops. Early a.m. , I made a post about it after I bought an oz. and it vanished. Last batch of Premium Fruit Loops lasted around the same, made a post, it vanished.

    Good to see ya! @Winston btw

  • @Medboy Learned that early on. That, and if I'm in the market, you have to keep checking the menu! When what I want pops up, I order and pay. I usually have payment confirmation in minutes. I also tend to order larger quantities of fewer strains (maybe just one or two), which I think has helped in getting the best quality, top of the bag cannabis (and over time, quite a selection of strains). I mean seriously, last week we received our MedMama order of Gelato, Blueberry Muffins, and Sunset Sherbet. Three separate ounces, all packaged, vacuum sealed, boxed, and shipped over 2200 miles, and when unpacked and put away, there wasn't enough shake between the three to smoke one bowl. Not even a pinch...combined! Maybe I'm lucky, but I've never received anything but top shelf quality here, never been subbed, and never had a late shipment! @medicineman and @medboy, kudos, you run a fine business and your products and services continue to amaze!

  • Medboy is right. Have you BTC already converted and in an account so you can quickly submit and pay for you order right away after you submit it and always feel free to fill in the comment section on the order form if your order requires special details or questions ;)

  • I never seen the northern lights on here so it really must have been gone quick cuz I woulda for sure got it

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