Where is all the Love πŸ’–?

What are your favorite strains that came out this summer(sundae driver)? Any of you here from last summer and what was great then(no)? What's the strain you wish you could have again and stalk the site for the most (violet vixen)?


  • MAC and Gelato 33

  • So far for me, my absolute favorites have been the premium Dolato & Sunset Sherbet. (I think the sherbet was more potent bit the Dolato is my unquestionable favorite as of yet and is, surprisingly, yet to be de-throned)

    I would say this Mac and ATF are equals in regards to potency, and they are both up there in my top tier, (I think the ATF is straight up the most potent I've got from here)... But the "clear headed-ness" and just overall VIBE of the high from the Dolato is IMO unmatched. My very fave & I hope it comes back as a Loud premium that's even BETTER.

    So yeah I basically stalk the site so far for those 2.. Premium Dolato & SS. They're in my top 2 slots and I've been waiting for something to knock them off .. nothing has even come close until this last order w/the Mac / ATF but they still rest up there above the rest of the pack πŸŽ―πŸ€”πŸ’£

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    (edit for clarification: 1st pic is Dolato, last 3 are SS)

    The Queen :

    The.. Other Queen? (i can't really rank one higher than the other even tho the dolato is my fav)

  • This summer? Donkey Butter, Sundae Driver, Sunset Sherbet, Gelato, Skywalker OG, and Blackberry Kush. The latter two being some of the best nighttime bud I've ever had (save for some Pure OG that I have for emergencies, and 5th Element that @georgetirebiter had recommended to me). Sadly, the Skywalker is gone and I'm down to less than 4-5g of the Donkey Butter and Sundae Driver.

    Donkey Butter was the surprise hit of my summer. We had 2oz shipped to my wife's parents lake house and it arrived the day we did. It's really a nice, relaxing, indica leaning hybrid that doesn't make me sleepy. All small buds...but some wonderful medicine!

  • @WDEgkj how long ago was the Gelato 33? I haven't seen that yet, but i'm pretty new. (appx 3-4 months maybe) . was it Loud or MM? or is this just something you'd like to see?

    i'm just curious as i'm a huge fan of those genetics (see above. lol)

  • So far since I’ve been here maybe 2-3 months my favorite is MAC, Bubba Kush, Lodi Dodi

  • It’s been prob 3 months lol. It was from MM. I don’t smoke a lot man. Only at night. I waked and baked for the 1st time in months yesterday and I barely made it through the day lol. I smoke to relax and go to bed. I can make a couple grams last couple weeks. I still got 3 diff kinds from couple months ago. I like keeping my tolerance low so I get really high really fast lol

  • The gelato was actually a reship that took 3 weeks to get here. It was like my 2nd order and something got messed up so I had to wait for it but it came. It was prob 9 weeks ago. My first order was the end of may and then a like 10 days after that.

  • I have that dolato from loud and it's more work strain for me. I miss George's reviews too.

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    I really enjoyed the ChemDawg, Green Crack, πŸ’ AK, Alien Rock Candy, Grapefruit Kush, and recent Wedding Cake and Sundae Driver..MAC is phenomenal too!

    Would love to see Violet Vixen, Mimosa, California Orange, 🍍 Express, & ChemDawg return..

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    Fruit Loops is still going strong for me. I like it more than even MAC and ATF. But I still don't quite have a handle on how much I like MAC and ATF. I can only judge them while starting from sober a few times. Sometimes the same strain hits me completely differently based on the time of day and how tired I am.

    I still have some Mothers Milk OG that I've been nursing as well.

  • Sunset Sherbert, Blueberry Muffin, Master Kush, Wedding Cake, and all Gelato(3 diff types)

  • @TheProfessor. I hate I missed out on the donkey butter. I heard great things about it. Got subbed doc og. Doc og did give me a relaxing late nite high which is basically what I look for.

  • Mother's milk is my favorite so far. I'll buy a bunch the next time I see it

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