Hindu Kush from med mamma

Hi! Anyone try the Hindu lush from med mamma? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


  • I hope it's good, I ordered 2oz last night between the reviews on leafy and the price i had to do it!

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    I can't wait for my paycheck, so I can jump on it!
    I've been wanting to get my hands on this for years!

  • Thanks guys!

  • @Delaware420 it doesn't seem to be getting much love. I'd be all over it for a couple of ounces if I wasn't already well stocked. It's my kind of cannabis: powerful medicine at a great price! I've purchased Hindu Kush several times here...great nighttime strain!

  • I did know a pretty Hindu lush back in college... ;)

  • Lol medboy being funny.

  • Waiting on my half

  • Curious for the report on this!

  • @v32Finish me too I cant believe not any reveiws

  • Lol @medboy that’s what I get for posting high!!😂😂😂

  • We got half our order a few days ago and lemme say; this stuff does not disappoint! Nice, dense nugs and a long lasting high that ends in a good sleepy (but not tired if that makes sense?) feeling! And it was on sale!

  • Thanks @HorizontalBubble ! Ours arrived today, and we are happy. On sale, good strong high, knocked my headache right out!

  • Looks like little leafy hairy green peas :) Smells like a good high in small package. I love the MM surprises. Mama gave a great deal. Those Hairy Peas have Punch.

  • Sounds like this was the better deal vs the “mystery strain”..anyone care to share a pic of the Hindu?

  • @medboy , a special about Hindu lush is next on Discovery, juzzsayin... Wake and Broil...Thx MM and MB

  • Opened my package and seen what was inside. I thought to myself damn I wasted my money this is some ugly small tiny buds pea sized poorly trimmed If trimmed at all. So I packed a bowl take a hit it's a harsh smoke from all the leaf. But now I'm super stoned and just trying to make this post kinda of make sense lol. Like @kriskringle said these little buds pack a punch. Just as potent as any premium I've smoked. Would buy again

  • I didn't need it, but I'm still kicking myself for not jumping on this Hindu Kush. As a strain, it's not a smooth smoke. My wife hates the taste/hashness, but it doesn't bother me. Glad to hear it would have met my expectations...sounds amazing!

  • dO THIS. cut an apple peel , a small piece and put it in a container for about 2 hours sealed with the HindU. The peas with sponge up a little moisture and the harsh, which is really like u say some small leaves. The apple will season a little, and take away the flame flare of little dry leaves which may give u stovepipe throat... FYI....Peace be n ur day...

  • I’ve done that before with apples and oranges. I read not long ago where it was bad to do that because it will cause mold.

  • I have enjoyed the HK immensely!! Very stoney.

  • @WDEgkj, yes it will. I usually just to get it "in Case" as we used to say back in the 80's. Add a little moisture. I do not leave the moisture maker in there but for a NY minute, Mold is not good. also as a little laugh from what I read on this Love ForUm not many leave ANY time for mold, lolol... Medicine in these forums goes like a dry ditch bank burning. Peace on Sunday.

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