1st time buyer!

Hello everyone!

My forum membership was just approved today so I thought I’d make a quick post; I am happy to now be a part of the medicineman community :) I have lurked this forum & the website for some time and finally decided to pull the trigger on some orders. As I’m sure was the case with most everyone I’ve been concerned in regard to legitimacy but I’ve been convinced By all of your posts lol and I am looking forward to leaving reviews!

I first ordered the $5.00 sample from medmama on the 19th, paid, got the “We’ve received your payment!” Email, then decided to make another order of the Gelato 41 (1/4 oz.) also on the 19th, paid and got the confirmation email. Then all that stuff came in at Loud and I ordered a 1/2 oz. of ice cream cake on the 20th, paid and got my confirmation. My first time ordering and I am waiting on 3 orders now haha 😅

I really don’t want to be annoying in asking this question but my only concern is that nothing at all has shown up in my Informed Delivery. I’ve seen a post or two where people do say that nothing showed up on ID at all so I’m not too worried but I see lots of you talking about seeing a label being created, etc. but I haven’t seen any of that. Ultimately I’m just patiently waiting and know to contact through the contact form if I still haven’t received everything by a week from Tuesday, it’s just making me anxious lol.

Anyway, glad to be here, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the weekend!


  • I’ve been ordering from MM for a couple of years but I’m also new to the forum. You know, since USPS brought ID online the anxiety about orders has actually got worse. And that’s only because ID is so spotty as a service, but what else would you expect from a government service? Before ID it was just order and wait. Now with ID you either see nothing or it never updates or you even see it go right past you before it has to come back.

    Just realize that your order is on it’s way and try not to check ID too much(he says while checking ID every hour on the hour).

  • For real 🤣

  • I would agree that it's nothing much to worry about. Especially since you don't have any past orders to compare it to, and USPS in general has been spotty.. I wouldn't worry. I remember having nerves the same way and I just remember thinking "Ok, how many times has someone mailed me a christmas card or I've ordered something online and it's NOT come?"

    don't worry ;)

  • Don’t sweat it. It will be in your mailbox within the 2 weeks. I am also waiting for an order😂😂 it’ll get here eventually.

  • @Maxxx Labels dont get created same day usually unless its Medmama and you did it early in the day and even then sometimes that doesnt happen. For me it takes 1-3 days for a label and then once label is made RIGHT NOW it takes a whole week. If the US was funding the USPS it would take 3 days. So its all patience right now. You’ll either see a label from WA or CA

  • I’m fairly new and I can tell you not to worry. I’m waiting on my third order and this time I haven’t been checking ID every five minutes, lol. I saw that it’s on its way and I’m good with that. USPS is just a mess right now. I can also tell you, you will be very happy!!

  • @BMan yeah I hear ya! I made my orders on the 19th and 20th so it’s been 5 business days for two orders and I don’t even see anything - label created or anything. I wouldn’t expect one to be created same day but it just makes me anxious that it’s been a whole work week lol. But I’m staying patient! Thanks everyone for your comments ✌️✌️

  • Omg I’m a moron... I ordered on the 16th and 17th not the 19th and 20th 😑

  • @BMan I was like why would someone mention something about same day and I actually looked at a calendar and realized I gave the wrong order dates the whole time 🤣

  • @MoonMan5 I did have ID before I ordered, and I made my orders on the 16th and 17th (so over 5 business days now) and my packages still show zero; no labels or anything. Anyway, I’m just being patient like I see everyone say and if for some reason they haven’t come by a week from Tuesday I’ll just use the contact form 😊

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    I noticed MM's website years ago under a slightly different name but shied away. A year later when I recognized the site under the new name I figured it was time. What got me was their willingness to sell a gram to try it. But I bought a qtr oz and with no problems. Five years and 75-80 purchases later...not a hitch.

    Wouldn't worry about ID. Some post offices are short-staffed and may not be manning the machines. I had a period earlier this year where 8 purchases in a row were no-shows on ID. All arrived. Just aggravating not to know ahead of time what day. Lol

  • @JaymeeG I appreciate the insight!

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