Indoor Mound Drop

I ordered a 1/2 of OG kush from med mama the other day and was disappointed but not surprised to see that it got subbed due to its popularity. when i opened the bag of mound drop that they sent as a sub the disappointment instantly melted away! Mound Drop is freaking awesome. It is very strong, 2 hits and i was feeling awesome. It smells wonderful but is extremely strong so make sure to put it in a glass jar with a good lid so the people in the apartment next door dont smell it lol. I love this strain! also shipping was really fast, ordered sunday, recieved on fri on east coast. med mama is awesome!


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    @jjtn276 what kind of high is it? Daytime/head nighttime/body hybrid/some of each? If they subbed it for OG Kush, I'm guessing an indica. Well who knows, but that would make sense.

  • Seems like a good hybrid to me actually maybe 50/50. Medboy probably would know exactly but I dont think its 100% indica. I smoked some and went for a walk. i usually smoke and go to sleep with 100% indica. It seems it causes both a head and body high to me. Try it u will like it.

  • I may order man eighth I was eyeing that

  • hmmmmmmm.....

  • Got a zip of fruit loops and mound drop coming hope its decent let ya know when I try it out.

  • Check out Moon Drop on the www. It is a great pick and pic.

  • Mound Drop is of the same as Moon Drop. Maybe a word spell check ooops? lol I have this flower ready to order.

  • Got an 1/8th..had some do-si-dos and forgot how good it is..looking forward to try this

  • awesome.. glad you grabbed some! let us know how it is!

  • My mound drop and ice cream cake will hopefully arrive tomorrow according to id

  • Almond Joys got nuts, Mounds don't...Mounds got punch. Like

  • Let's keep them in separate jars then. "Punch" and "nuts" don't go together well in my world. ;)

  • @medboy both of em when hit hard enough make you cough and exhale in a fury of curse type language, maybe even roll on the ground. juzzsayin

  • 🙃mine got subbed for pound cake. Still excellent meds just not what I wanted hopefully they restock it so I can grab some.

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    There is no more mound drop.. which i ordered I bought 4oz of mound drop and all them was subbed to pound cake. Which this strain stayed on the list for 2 or 3days after I already order it SMH ....poundcake is dry gave me a headache. My brother order mound which wasn't all that great and wonka which was the best indoor out the bunch he got both of them so I know poundcake is the worse on there list right now. looks good but smoke like its Outdoor in my opinion. My homeboy needed bud so I end up selling it to him for a cheaper price then 850 ... 725 to be exact just not worth it and I've been smoking for 15yrs. FYI ...I find better bud out here in Houston for cheaper to be honest..
    A friend told be about the site already spent 12k in the last 3 months on this site according to cash app on how much bitcoin I bought and still from feel like they keep all the good bud up until somebody buys it and then they sub it out from reading posts.. SMH
    I've bought 4ozaoc 4ozgreen 4ozgoddess 4oz bubba gift
    4 oz Agent orange Half pound of Og ..half pound dosido the list goes on i don't mind using the site when they have specific strains and i when i can't find any GAS/PRESSURE OUT HERE
    but cmon now if the bud is out of stock I vote they take it down immediately
    Not a 2days later THANKS

  • @Batman4rmHouston write "NO SUBS" on the comments and you won't have any of those issues.

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    Lol you don't think I did...... after reading so many comments.. I wrote no subs like 5 times on the lines exactly like this.... no subs on mound drops
    No sub on nounds drop
    No sub on mound drop.

  • Then write to medboy and tell him. They will make it right.

  • It's all good though sometimes that' just the way the cookie crumbles
    A group of my friend and I always put together cash every week to buy here in Houston or this site so its really no point especially since I end up selling it to a buddy of mine

  • Got me wondering if I need to order anything. Don't like subs esp when am looking forward to a certain strain that I no is good .
    I love sativa's and get sub with a heavey indica . Just trash it don't won't to go to sleep like to get up and go .

  • I agree it was dry but boveda saved it for me.

  • Added a boveda to my 1/8th as well..livened it up..this is an excellent strain! Nice effects

  • Shouldn't be dry at the price point

  • after revisiting this strain a few times this weekend I’m really glad I got some..I like the aroma, taste, appearance, and especially’s not very sticky, but it is embedded with a drier layer of Kief..or however you explain it..I’d buy more if it came back.

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