Sour d



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    BTW, thanks @superman38NC for the recommendation! I love getting the discount for ordering more quantity, but it's difficult to order more without knowing the quality. I know 1/2 ounce for you isn't typical so I definitely feel safe on this one.

    I need some mind stimulation and I know sour diesel will do it for me.

  • Already got my payment confirmation 10 minutes later, a new record!

  • looking forward to the reviews. i've only had sour D once and i'm not convinced it was really actually sour diesel. thanks for letting us know when it comes in guys! @Sixwaychili @superman38NC

  • Welcome everyone! I hope you all enjoy tolerance is pretty high and it hit really nice..mixes well with ChemDawg too!

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    Supposed to be delivered on the 6th! I never get anything before 7 days. This may be a first!

    That being said, I typically get most of my deliveries in 7-8 days without fail so I'm not complaining at all. I'm just so excited to be getting a package on Tuesday after ordering later in the day on Thursday.

  • Out for delivery in 4 days including Sunday!

  • @Sixwaychili medmama? She is so quick! I ordered Friday and mine will be here today also!

  • @Sixwaychili sweet shipping times! I got one out for delivery from LoudnCo but I have no idea what it is. I thought I had received everything...Oh well it should be a surprise, because I seriously have no clue.

  • @Theboyua it could be the lost package! I've had a lost one show up after a month of going back and forth from NC to ATL, then finally it moved to my state.
    Either way, I'm excited for you. 💚

  • @Rubygirl816 yeah, an ounce of sour D. In mailbox!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Well I received split zip (I’m assuming this was my other reship) but neither strain was labeled...I know one is the Bubba kush because of the trim job (Which I don’t mind by the way, I like a few sugar leaves. Reminds me of the old days. End it has that perfect Bubba Kush smell) but I have no idea what the other is. If had to guess based on the pics, I’d say it’s the Indoor Jungle Punch. But I’m not getting a ton of smell off of it. Beautiful nugs whatever it is but if my hunch is right, between it and the Bubba, I should have no problem sleeping the next few weeks..😂 gonna be in need of a sativa ASAP.

  • @Theboyua Haha!! Well, I have in mind to get some of that Bubba Kush as well. I'm not picky on the trim job, and I love kush.

  • Record shipping from mm ordered orange do so do on wed last week and sour d on Thursday and got them both today. That’s like 4-5 days including weekend. The sour diesel is sour diesel not a loud bag smell but straight to the head when you smoke it. And very sticky breaking up. Orange do si do will have to wait.
    I love sour D

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    I ordered 1/2 this morning, immediately sent the ltc to pay for the order, checked that I entered the right amount but never got a payment confirmation. I wrote to mm on the contact form but im not sure my exact ltc wallet address. i use coinbase and when you click on the view transaction option it took me to a site called blockcypher which showed an input address. i included that address on the contact form i hope thats right. I hope they can see i paid, I really need my meds. I have been ordering since feb. and never an issue till now, that being said i hope it gets sorted out before they sell out of sour d im sure it's really good. I'm always happy with med mammas quality and fast shipping.

  • Anybody have any comments on the last batch of chemdawg? I'm looking for that great heavy taste and super clean high. Have coins will bong e'm, 🥴

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