A note about Boveda packs

I gotta make this short because I'm busy and running around, but before I left, I wanted to post a cautionary tale to anyone who uses Boveda packs.

These are GREAT tools, and I will continue to use them, HOWEVER i will not be re-constituting them by soaking in water anymore. I was always careful not to soak them too long, and I had never had an issue before.. I had even read that you could re-use them. However, Boveda themselves states that you CANNOT do this.. because they lose their integrity.

This happened to me. Luckily I caught it soon after. I didn't do ANYTHING out of the ordinary, the same system i've been using without issue, and about 5 different jars got INUNDATED with moisture. i had to go thru ALL my jars and check them, and there was about 5 strains that were SUPER moist, like... squishy AF, just took off the plant kind of moist.

Mind you.. these were not dripping wet packs or anything, i soaked them for a few hours and then dried them on the windowsill to where there was no more moisture in the "packaging" of the pack.. and it still did this.

BE CAREFUL! would highly recommend that you use fresh packs even tho it's more expensive bc i fucked off like a half oz worth of 5 different strains .. i know they'll come back (mostly) once they dry out again, but it's not worth it man.

don't re-use your packs, or if you do, be very meticulous about checking them, because if i wasn't, i would have moldy ass bud right now.

just a warning. have a great day/weekend!!!


  • I just started using these !! Thanks for the great tip

  • Thank you, I am almost out of my packs and was just going to reconstitute but I'm so glad I caught this today! Will be placing an order for new ones today.

  • Why bother reconstituting they're very inexpensive .Once they start getting hard its time to toss them and buy some new ones. 30

  • @BigOtis i agree for the most part, but some of us dealing with lost hours (or jobs) even $20 matters.. i think you're still right overall, but for me it's more of a matter of just the knowledge. . i had heard it was OK or approved to do that & they would still work fine, but when I rudely found out that wasn't the case (..the hard way.. lol) i wanted to share it here!!

    definitely not worth the trouble of sogging out your bud like i did when they aren't that much. I recommend the smaller ones, i think they are size 1, rated up to an eighth.. i rarely have large large amounts but these have been sufficient for even my big jar (1/2 oz) ... which packs do yall use?

    I'm thinking about switching over to the next size up .. i think you only get 12 or 14 in an order, instead of 20, but i think they last longer before turning hard. thoughts ?

  • I can sometimes find 62% 8gram multipaks for just over a buck each on eBay. The seller I buy from is out of stock but he has the 58/8s in stock 10 for $10.99 with free shipping. buy 3 sets get another $5 off. So what’s that? $28 in change for 30 packs. Note that he buys wholesale so what he sends is repackaged in a standard ziplok. No issues I’ve seen, all my jars are happy. guy runs a hydro store I think. I’m stocked up so grab em if you need em. Also you can order free sample packs at the manufacturer website 👍

  • @v32Finish Appreciate the info! Thank you!

    @funkynugz hell yeah, I know ebay gets a bad rap but if you can a great seller, pricing can be affordable. Got a 10 pack (8g/62%) for $11 w/free shipping.

  • How did you reconstitute them? Distilled water? Paper towel wrapped? If you're just submerging them in water then stop doing it that way.

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    I’ve done this successfully (mostly) but there is definitely risk for reusing these if all you do is toss the recharge on top of your stash. This method keeps the packs wrapper from losing too much integrity. I grabbed the tutorial from a stogie site cuz I’m lazy 😜

    Don’t expect brand new full packs. Do not use tap water - distilled only. Boveda insists the moisture exchange will be affected. YMMV.

    “The Osmotic Method

    Of the methods, in my opinion this offers the most effective recharge with the least amount of injury to the outer wrapper of the pack.

    All you need is either 1 sealable container with a raised center or 2 containers (1 small and 1 large), again, the size of which depends on the number of packs you need to recharge.

    Remember, osmosis is the natural 2-way function of the Boveda pack, so, it makes sense to rehydrate one the same way – the water will naturally flow from an area of high concentration to lower concentration. There are two different methods to accomplish this.

    1. Fill a bowl or container with a raised center i.e. the center of the container is slightly higher than the sides, with distilled water.

    Arrange the pack(s) on the elevated portion of the container – they should not be in contact with any water.

    Seal the container and let sit for 3-5 days.

    Remove recharged pack(s).

    1. Fill a small container (nothing too tall) with distilled water and place it in the center of a larger container, eg a mixing bowl.

    Inside the larger container, arrange pack(s) around the small container of water inside the larger one.

    Seal the larger container (not the smaller) and set aside for 3-5 days.

    Remove recharged pack(s).”

  • @funkynugz yeah that's the method I have been doing for years and it has worked without a hitch for me. All my cigar humidors have Bovada packs that are reused 3-4 times. The only issue I have had in like the past 5-10 years is just that the writing and label on the package looks faded after I recharge the packs.

  • BTW ive been using 65rh packs and i live how fluffy and sticky the flower stays but find its to wet to get a good grind. I think im gonna try the one thats like 58rh

  • @rasta0458 Is it 65 or 62? I hadn't heard of a 65. I use 62s.

  • def 65rh boveda packs. havent tried the 62 but i think that may be too sticky as well

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    They’re making all sorts of Rh% now, the 65 is considered ideal for stogies.

  • 62% FTW. I haven't tried the 58% but it's all personal preference. I KNOW that i wouldn't like the 58% bc sometimes i feel like the 62% is just perfect, and ANY more dry and it'd be harsh and unpleasant. 65 would be just SLIGHTLY too wet. try the 62s.

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